CS:GO talent Pimp gets 35-day ban via Overwatch system

Pimp may have to play on a secondary account for a while.

Photo via StarLadder

Former CS:GO pro and current broacast talent Jacob “Pimp” Winneche has been banned for 35 days in CS:GO by the Overwatch system.

Pimp was reportedly banned for griefing by someone who reviewed one of his recent matchmaking games. He tagged the official CS:GO profile on Twitter and said the ban was “beyond stupid.”

“Played a game against 5 obv. cheaters, wanted to surrender, but a teammate of mine felt it was funnier to act out like an idiot,” Pimp said. “Wasting mine, and 2,800 LIVE viewers on Twitch time, refusing to do it. I kill him, and I get a 35 day ban? Well played.”

Pimp said this ban means he can’t play on Valve’s official servers for 35 days or on third-party servers like FACEIT. With that in mind, the 24-year-old asked one of FACEIT’s representatives permission to create a second account, which FACEIT normally forbids.

Without actual footage of Pimp’s match, it’s impossible to draw conclusions. But if the CS:GO talent is telling the truth, this situation shows one of the flaws of Valve’s Overwatch system.

When players choose to review an Overwatch case, they can only watch a few rounds to either ban the suspect or declare him innocent. The person who reviewed Pimp’s match may not know that he was playing against cheaters, for example.

Nonetheless, some CS:GO fans and players are saying that Pimp shouldn’t have killed his teammate who refused to quit. He broke one of the rules, but a 35-day ban seems way too harsh for it.

It’s unclear if Valve will review Pimp’s ban or if he’ll have to play CS:GO on a smurf account for a few weeks.