Here are the CS:GO Regional Major Rankings for Europe and North America

Vitality are almost guaranteed a spot at the ESL One Rio Major.

Photo via StarLadder

The Regional Major Ranking (RMR) for the ESL One Rio Major in November was updated yesterday after cs_summit six, the second RMR CS:GO event for Europe and North America, finished.

In the European grand finals, BIG overcame Vitality 3-2 despite starting the series with a 0-1 disadvantage. Although the Germans won the tournament, Vitality still have the most RMR points due to their consistency. ZywOo and crew finished the ESL One Road to Rio Europe, the first RMR event, in fourth place and are almost mathematically guaranteed a spot at the Rio Major if they don’t make a roster change.

In North America, Evil Geniuses swept Gen.G in the grand finals and joined the race for the Rio Major. EG are now in second place, only 100 RMR points behind Team Liquid. Gen.G are also in a comfortable spot since they have 3,450 RMR points in total.

The dates for the last RMR event are yet to be announced, but it’ll award the most points, which could help teams that didn’t perform well in the first two tournaments earn a spot at the ESL One Rio Major in November. At the moment, none of the top Brazilian teams would qualify for the first CS:GO Major in Brazil.

Here are the Regional Major Rankings for Europe and North America after cs_summit six ended.


  1. Vitality: 3,535 points (Legends spot)
  2. G2: 2,680 points (Legends spot)
  3. Astralis: 2,400 points (Legends spot)
  4. GODSENT: 2,300 points (Challenger spot)
  5. ENCE: 2,155 points (Challenger spot)
  6. NiP: 2,085 points (Challenger spot)
  7. FaZe: 2,014 points (Challenger spot)
  8. BIG: 2,000 points (Challenger spot)
  9. North: 1,900 points (Challenger spot)
  10. Fnatic: 1,875 points (Contender spot)
  11. OG: 1,750 points (Contender spot)
  12. Heroic: 1,625 points
  13. Heretics: 1,412.5 points
  14. Movistar Riders: 1,225 points
  15. mousesports: 962.5 points
  16. x6tence: 872.5 points
  17. Complexity: 350 points
  18. FATE: 312.5 points
  19. c0ntact: 264 points
  20. Dignitas: 150 points

North America

  1. Liquid: 3,650 points (Legends spot)
  2. Evil Geniuses: 3,550 points (Legends spot)
  3. Gen.G: 3,475 points (Legends spot)
  4. 100 Thieves: 3,325 points (Challenger spot)
  5. Cloud9: 2,875 points (Contender spot)
  6. FURIA: 2,875 points
  7. MIBR: 2,091.5 points
  8. Triumph: 1,750 points
  9. Envy: 1,200 points
  10. Chaos: 1,187.5 points
  11. TeamOne: 875 points
  12. Bad News Bears: 750 points
  13. Yeah: 600 points