CS:GO player finds a glitched wall on Inferno

Valve, please fix.

Image via Valve

A casual CS:GO player has discovered a wall on Inferno that’s only penetrable by the bullets of CTs.

The player, named Wilzzu on Reddit, tested it in both practice servers and on a matchmaking server and the results were the same. The wall is located between CT spawn and the B bombsite.

If it wasn’t weird enough, the only weapons capable of wall-banging other players are the SMGs, such as the PP-Bizon and the P90. The player standing on the other side won’t be wall-banged if he’s being shot by an M4A4 or the AWP, two of the best weapons available in the game.

If you want to replicate this glitch, be sure to “hug” the wall before you shoot because the bullets won’t go through if you’re one step back. Other players tested it with other guns, such as the M4A1-s, but couldn’t wall bang the spot. If you’re playing on the T-side, your bullets might go through, but it won’t be as consistent as if you were playing as a CT, according to another player.

Since there’s no logical reason for a wall to be penetrable by SMGs and not snipers or rifles, Valve may act on this glitched wall in one of CS:GO’s next updates. If the devs acknowledge this bug, they’ll probably either code it so both CTs or Terrorists can shoot through it or simply make it impenetrable because it’s not really a common or effective place to try to kill or damage another player with a wall bang.

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