CS:GO player bunny hops their way to 3 kills with a Desert Eagle on Inferno

Someone needs to check this streamer's PC.

Image via Valve

A CS:GO streamer recently displayed some of the most incredible bunny hopping skills we’ve seen in a while—and their Desert Eagle shots aren’t bad either.

The game was tied at 10-10 when the streamer, named Abyssal, hit an incredible sequence of bunny hops from the T spawn all the way through Banana’s wall, catching the first CT completely off guard with 1:44 left on the clock. The streamer landed a headshot on the second CT who was trying to hide on Orange after throwing a Molly and then ran past the fire to nail a third one-deag, setting their squad up to win the eco round since they got complete control of the B bombsite and were in a five-vs-two situation.

This clip shows the CS:GO streamer’s skills and awareness. Abyssal knew that they were going to catch their opponents off guard, so they just kept pushing with the Desert Eagle in their hands, even though they picked up an AWP from the first dead CT player. It’s a shame that the clip has no sound, though, so we don’t know how the streamer or their teammates reacted.

Abyssal’s bunny hop and Deagle shots were so clean that the enemy team might have reported the streamer for cheating. But you know, sometimes it’s just like what Valve says in one of CS:GO‘s loading screens: “Hey, sometimes your opponent is just having a really good day.”