CS:GO Major stickers with player caricatures were pitched to FACEIT

But it isn't happening.

CS:GO player stickers almost had a sweet re-design for the FACEIT London Major, but unfortunately the concept didn’t come to fruition.

YouTube artist and animator Cas “kn0nker” van de Pol was asked by FACEIT to pitch player caricature stickers to Valve for the 13th Major. The concept wasn’t chosen, and pro players mentioned on Twitter weeks ago that they’ve already submitted their sticker signatures for the London event. The pitch even included stickers of casters James Bardolph and Daniel “ddk” Kapadia—an idea that hasn’t been done before.

“It’s not happening, but wanted to share the concept art!” kn0nker said on Twitter. “Would’ve been fun to draw all the pros again. Obviously this is no one’s fault. It just didn’t work out. Maybe next time!”

Surprisingly enough, this isn’t the first time that kn0nker has drawn CS:GO pros. In October 2015, he also made a number of full-body sketches of players prior to the DreamHack Cluj Napoca Major.

If Valve and FACEIT actually followed through with the idea, it would’ve been a completely different look for stickers, compared to the current style of player signatures. Players have provided their autographs for Valve’s $1 million Majors since ESL One Cologne in 2015. Prior to Cologne 2015, only team stickers were available for purchase in-game.

Stickers for the FACEIT London Major have not been released yet. The event begins on Sept. 5, starting with the New Challenger stage, where 16 teams hope to reach the New Legend stage.