CS2 may have just got its first cheat and it’s already totally deleting maps

This doesn't look good.

Image via Valve

CS:GO has had a notorious cheating problem for years, and it seems CS2 might be following in its footsteps after players caught a new, seemingly repeatable cheat that sends players falling through the depths of the map.

After the strange new CS2 exploit—perhaps even the first of its kind— is activated, players plummet uncontrollably, maintaining their falling inaccuracy.

The issue was first posted to Reddit on March 27, and most players aligned the exploit with several other bugs that have appeared through the March beta test. Thankfully, as shown in /u/johnwilkesbooth328’s video, it seems players retain their ability to knife each other, which means the round does eventually end.

Players were quick to brand the map-breaking moment as a replicable glitch, however, it turns out it could indeed be one of the first CS2 cheats.

The issue first starts after a suspected cheater throws a grenade beneath their feet. While that may seem far from a cheat, users have been pointing to CS2 videos showcasing its exploitative nature. Once this happens, each player in the lobby falls perpetually until each player has been killed via knife or the timer ends.

Understandably, players originally believed this was some form of glitch as several continue to pop up during the beta testing period. One glitch saw players shooting uncontrollably, and another made the new-and-improved smoke grenade bounce deep into walls. 

Leakers have trekked through Source 2’s code and found a new “anti-cheat measure” that cancels matches if a cheater is detected. However, unfortunately, it seems like it’s not detecting the cheaters in these matches just yet—if they are cheating.

Since the Counter-Strike 2 beta has only been accessible for less than a week, this might be a sign that the franchise’s cheating problem is far from gone. Otherwise, it could just be a brutal glitch exploit that Valve should be able to patch up sometime soon. We’ll just have to keep our eyes out for any more exploits that rear their heads.

If it is a cheat (cross those fingers that it’s not) the last thing CS2 players will want is another VAC system that fails to take down cheaters ruining match lobbies.

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