Counter-Strike: What Trick Does Cloud9 Really Have Under Their Sleeve?

Via twitter Cloud9 CS:GO Team Manager, Tres "stunna" Saranthus tweeted regarding an announcement.

Via twitter Cloud9 CS:GO Team Manager, Tres “stunna” Saranthus tweeted regarding an announcement. That’s it, no details were given at the time of publishing nor have we heard any further information regarding the subject, authenticity or when the announcement would be published other than “in the morning.” Well the morning has passed and we’re all eagerly awaiting for something, anything to be put on paper.

We were given subtle hints periodically following the initial tweet, leading to a series of massive emotions of sadness, happiness, confusion and overall triggering of Redditors and CS enthusiasts all over CS communities. The tweets were subtle but direct in what was -not- going to be announced. Two things have been crossed out so far, a) it won’t be roster related, b) it won’t be.. a mousepad. Oh shots, Leave Hiko alone stunna! Kappa

Messing around while I was browsing the CS:GO subreddit. I commented on a related thread mentioning Cloud9 might have purchased a big piece of real estate. After moments of ironic and maniacal laughing at the confusion I may have caused, I realized maybe it was plausible that they indeed have purchased a house for their CS:GO team!

Alright boys, lets bring out our little black notepad. Around August Cloud9 CEO Jack Etienne mentioned on stream that he was looking to purchase a home for the CS:GO team. It solidified the claims that they were moving forward with the idea. The idea was mentioned even before, when claims of C9 moving to EU to compete domestically with their European counterparts. At the time Sean Gares was in school, many assumed the move was held back by his rumored disinterest in moving to a home or abroad while he was studying.

Sean Gares recently stepped down from Cloud9’s starting lineup. In a sense the hindrance to the move is now gone. In addition while Cloud9 has no more scheduled events for 2015, the move comes in a perfect time to transition all their players and core staff to a home by the beginning of the 2016 calendar year. Not only does this allow for their 4 players to enter the fold under one home, it allows for their 5th man (or woman) to easily transition to a home settled.. easy for.. imports like rumored NIP star Get_Right! Boom = mind blown.

In all sincerity, speculations aside, this announcement will be one of the first to come out from Cloud9 since Sean Gares has stepped down. In Cloud9 fashion, we’ll probably get a press release with details released soon or at least we hope. It’s a great time to be a Cloud9 fan!

Authors Notes:

Their announcement was a video documentary but will this be the last one we get before the end of 2015? Only time will tell! Back to speculating if this documentary leads up to a second or even third part introducing their possible 5th player or entry into a home dedicated for their CS staff. The Turner CS League starts spring of 2016 so it’s right around the corner.

– Detective Dusty