9 December 2015 - 05:41

Counter-Strike: Relax! This Patch Isn't The End of World

Recently Counter-Strike:Global Offensive has been updated to include a new pistol firearm, a couple of miscellaneous updates & technical updates to ready the public with new rule formalities that affects professional play.
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Recently Counter-Strike:Global Offensive has been updated to include a new pistol firearm, a couple of miscellaneous updates & technical updates to ready the public with new rule formalities that affects professional play. To follow all changes in full detail a list of patch notes will be linked.

Tonight we'll be analyzing the main feature of the update, the already infamous R8 Revolver. It is a new firearm that replaces the Desert Eagle. It has an 8 bullet cylinder with two shooting modes. Left mouse fires a slow accurate shot, while the right mouse fires a quicker but less accurate shot. Players all around are either enjoying this new change or are very quick to dismiss it.

Ride It Out

Historically an uproar would almost be heard after a major update came by. It changed the games mechanics and rightfully people sometimes had a reason to complain whether because it broke the game or made their poor poor professional AWP dreams disappear. As a consumer you are entitled to voice your feedback but people should remember, this is a commonality among other eSports titles that are focused on competitive play aswell. Things change, guns change, maps change - you name it, it's probably changed!

Lets start with the actual firearm itself. Yes, I whole heartedly agree that it definitely will change how the games competitive games are played. It changes a meta for singular playmaking, team-based strategies and how teams interact with their environments. I also understand the claims that this game will suffer through a brief time where this revolver might shred everything in sight. It's like a cold that goes away in a week. Sucks when it's there but when it's gone you realized it's now better.

What are some ideal changes you might wonder? Well for starters. Valve will either remove one of the firing modes, reduce armor penetration, reduce its range and make it more expensive.. just like they always have when it came up to OP changes in gun play. At the end of the day, it'll just make for a great alternative to a Desert Eagle. It's easier to use, cosmetically beautiful and powerful enough to impact some serious damage.

Why Was This Implemented

In my opinion I'm sure this update was to change the meta hands-down. It would allow for a more versatile catalog of weaponry to be used against stacked rounds favoring teams who are winning consistently with higher caliber weapons like AK's & M4's. Why though? As the game appeals to a wider audience it must change to win over some people. This also happens all the time, but in a way it's different for eSports.

We don't need more audiences and targeted demographics, we want them. CS:GO has reached a milestone for viewers, players, enthusiasts and communities. We're the eSports title every new or existing developer wants to become. In a couple months we'll see CS:GO on television stations across the nation, you simply don't get there and not perform some updates to give it that finishing touch.

In this case, it's been getting the attention from developers it deserves. New animations were added, game changes and bugs were fixed. More and more additions were added for a magnitude of reasons. Why? Because if this title is to succeed in a new media setting like television it must appeal to new audiences or it won't keep new media money in their pockets for long. These revolvers could have been deadly gingerbread cookies, people will always find a reason to want their old stuff back, no one likes inconsistencies.

I get that the gun is broken but it'll be hotfixed and nerfed respectively. Trust in Valve and you will be rewarded. It's not the end of the world, CS:GO hasn't become Call of Duty, it hasn't destroyed all the progress made in the last couple of months, aliens are real. Please be calm and patient while collective feedback is processed and then a new patch comes out! Yay!

For those who don't want to read? Here's a video I quickly and frantically threw together to give something to listen to while they go ham in Deathmatch with the new Revolver. Sorry for the quality in advance, it's not the best content but it's an alternative to a write-up.



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