Counter-Strike players are convinced Valve isn’t sending out any more CS2 beta invites

It's hard to disagree.

Screengrab via Valve

The Counter-Strike community is convinced that Valve won’t be giving out any more Counter-Strike 2 limited play testing invites.

They believe this is a decision in order to have the hype around the game explode when it eventually releases in the Summer of this year, in a discussion on Reddit on April 12.

“I’d say it’s safe [to assume Valve won’t be sending more invites]. Without any proof or evidence, I am 100 percent sure Valve is Cartmanland-ing CS2 so that it absolutely explodes on launch day. Someone else mentioned that they don’t wanna drip feed the beta keys since it will kill the interest of the official launch and I wholeheartedly agree,” one player wrote.

Many other players in the discussion shared the same sentiment. They feel like Valve won’t be launching major updates to CS2 before it launches in Summer and won’t be adding more players to the beta. In their eyes, the main goal of this approach would be to fix any possible bugs and so on, while still having huge anticipation for the game’s launch in the next few months.

And it looks like this is mostly true. When CS2 was announced on March 22 and the beta testing launched, the devs claimed that more players will be added over time. A lot of players, mostly streamers and pros, were added in the first days, but a major portion of the community is still asking for access to this day.

Moreover, the game was patched three times by the end of March, while it hasn’t received any tweaks in April so far.

CS2 is expected to launch sometime in Summer 2023, although the exact date is currently unknown.

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