16 December 2014 - 21:55

myXMG loses its Counter-Strike team

A Danish Counter-Strike team floating between esports organizations has highlighted the volatile world of travel and competition
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A Danish Counter-Strike team floating between esports organizations has highlighted the volatile world of travel and competition.

Reason Gaming announced today that they would temporarily sponsor the Danish team that had most recently been playing under the myXMG banner.

The sponsorship was necessary after it became clear that myXMG would not be able to support their Counter-Strike team traveling to Krefeld, Germany to participate in this weekend’s Take TV Invitational.

Rather than pulling out of the event, the team managed to work out a deal with Reason Gaming to make traveling to Krefeld a reality.

It’s an unceremonious end to a six-month relationship between Nicolai “Hunden” Petersen’s squad and the myXMG organization. Still, Petersen offered kind words for myXMG in an official statement released by Reason Gaming.

“We want to thank all the great guys behind myXMG and the great sponsors they had for 2014, same as the trustful fans, we love you,” Petersen said.

Petersen went on to request that any organizations looking to offer their support contact the team either on Twitter or Skype. And the team’s need speaks to the harsh reality of travel for a semi-professional Counter-Strike team.

While fans like to think that all of the world’s best players and teams are given the opportunity to play at the highest level, players are limited by the monetary sacrifice required to trot the globe playing Counter-Strike. Those who have the most powerful backing are given the most opportunities to prove themselves.

A good example would be Ninjas in Pyjamas, whose backing is as solid as that of any team in the game. Prior to DreamHack Winter, the team had suffered a string of disappointing results. But at DreamHack, they were able bounce back and finish as runners-up to LDLC after losing in the grand final.

Had Ninjas in Pyjamas only attended one of those prior events because of a lack of funding, they might have looked incapable of competing at the highest level. But, given multiple opportunities, they were able to prove that wasn’t the case. Obviously not every team has that chance.

Reason Gaming will have its shot at the Take TV Invitational when the competition gets underway Dec. 19.

Image via MSLcsgo/Facebook

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