Fxy0 returns to Epsilon

The ripple effects of Valve’s anti-cheat ban wave are still being felt in France

Image via fxy0/Facebook

The ripple effects of Valve’s anti-cheat ban wave are still being felt in France.

Epsilon ground zero for the bans when its player Gordon “Sf” Giry was caught for cheating. Giry was immediately dropped from the team, leaving Epsilon’s roster incomplete.

The issue was made worse when Christophe “Sixer” Xia announced he was leaving. To fill in the gap, the team has reached into its recent past. Joey “fxy0” Schlosser will join the team once more.

Schlosser was released from Epsilon in October due to what the team said was an attitude problem. Has time really made things better? Some fans may be skeptical given that Schlosser had a history of similar problems even before his departure from Epsilon.

Robin “GMX” Stahmer took to the team’s official website to explain the move.

“Before going to DreamHack we spent some time together and had a long chat,” Stahmer said. “We discussed about him and the team, and I chose to give him another chance.”

This still leaves Epsilon short one player. The team will be bringing Madour “Biggy” Morgan into the fold on a temporary basis to fill out the roster.

Stahmer noted that the team would now be focusing on taking part in the upcoming ESL Pro League and qualifiers for MLG’s X Games event in Aspen, Colorado.

Fellow French team Titan are also still struggling to complete their roster after one of their own members, Hovik “Kqly” Tovmassian, was also banned by Valve for cheating.

Since those bans, no other players have yet been caught by Valve’s anti-cheat system.

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