Elevate and Luminosity reload rosters

Two of America’s best Counter-Strike teams have made big moves as they chase elusive international success

Image via Elevate

Two of America’s best Counter-Strike teams have made big moves as they chase elusive international success.

Both Luminosity Gaming and Elevate have confirmed significant changes to their rosters, with the former team reaching all the way over to Europe.

Following a lackluster showing at the ESL ESEA Pro League final, Luminosity parted ways with Keith “Naf Fly” Markovic. The move seemed strange to some fans, with Markovic having proven himself to be among the squad’s top players. But the side has chosen to go in a very different direction, bringing in Swedish player Jonatan “Devilwalk” Lundberg.

Lundberg certainly offers something new to Luminosity. A former major champion from his days playing for Fnatic, Lundberg later moved to a coaching role and helped the team establish itself as the world’s dominant team.

While his mind for the game is unquestioned, Lundberg’s never been known as a top fragger, even when he was helping Fnatic to win big tournaments as an active player. He stepped down from his coaching role at Fnatic to resume his playing career earlier in the year. Luminosity will be hoping his skills, combined with his tactical contributions, will remain sharp enough to put them over the hump.

Lundberg’s addition also gives Luminosity its second contracted Swedish player, as he joins April addition Jacob “Pyth” Mourujarvi. This gives the side a near-even mix of Americans and Swedes. Alexander “Lex” John was quick to address potential concerns over communication issues the team might face.

It took us two minutes to get a decent selfie going…then we started laughing. Shit comms already. ???????? pic.twitter.com/89SOaS2DBm

— LeX (@TheUltraLex) July 9, 2015

Meanwhile, Elevate has undergone yet another retooling of its own roster following the retirement of Andrew “Professor Chaos” Heintz. After departing Luminosity, Elevate drafted Markovic to rejoin former Team Liquid squadmate Damian “Daps” Steele.

Elevate also brought in Will “Rush” Weirzba, a particularly notable move given that Weirzba, Daniel “Roca” Gustaferri, was released from Elevate just a week ago along with . The pairing then joined Tempo Storm, a marriage that has proven very short-lived.

Some tough decisions were made in the last few days, but ultimately it will all be for the best. Big things coming for the @eLevateGG squad

— Will (OpTic) (@RUSH) July 9, 2015

Elevate’s roster rotation is enough to make one’s head spin, and the team will surely need to settle things if they hope to challenge for a qualification spot in the next ESL ESEA Pro League season.