Copenhagen Wolves overhaul Counter-Strike roster

Big changes have come to one of Denmark’s top Counter-Strike teams

Big changes have come to one of Denmark’s top Counter-Strike teams.

The Danish teams and players in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are not known for maintaining their stability, and the moves that hit Copenhagen Wolves will only serve to reinforce this reputation.

Earlier in the week two of Copenhagen Wolves’ players, René “Cajunb” Borg and Nicolaj “Nico” Jensen, left the team. Neither player has announced a new home, and the departure of Jensen left a hole in the team’s sniper position.

Today, Copenhagen Wolves made their departures official. The team explained that Jensen would be stepping back from the professional scene to work on his individual game for a time, while Borg had lost his motivation to play after the squad had underperformed at a series of live events.

Following the departures of Borg and Jensen, Finn “Karrigan” Andersen also decided to leave the team.

These moves left Copenhagen Wolves with only two remaining players and a severe need to restructure. And the team has already reacted.

Announced today were the official signings of three new players to Copenhagen Wolves: Markus Kjærbye, Casper “Cadian” Møller, and Nichlas “Nille” Busk.

Kjærbye and Møller both join the squad after spells with smaller Danish teams, while Busk will be returning from a period of inactivity to compete once again.

While the overhaul is a significant one, the team’s management reassured fans in a posting on the organization’s Facebook page that the players had prior experience competing together which would benefit them moving forward and, ostensibly, accelerate the process of their gelling as a cohesive team.

Team captain Lukas “Glaive” Andersan was critical of the departing players, citing Jensen’s lack of commitment to the team and Borg’s poor attitude.

“Sometimes it’s not always about being the best but also about the chemistry within the team,” Andersan said.

His comments suggest that the departures of Jensen and Borg in particular may not have been entirely their own idea.

Copenhagen Wolves will first put their new roster to work at an upcoming European qualifier for the Esports World Cup.

Image via Copenhagen Wolves/Facebook