Counter Logic Gaming acquires Counter-Strike team

One of the most prominent organizations in League of Legends has taken the dive into Counter-Strike

Image via Counter Logic Gaming

One of the most prominent organizations in League of Legends has taken the dive into Counter-Strike.

Counter Logic Gaming announced Friday that it has acquired a new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team. The squad originally rose to prominence while playing under the Netcode Guides label, though it has most recently been playing under the name MouseSpaz.

In their official statement, players such as Peter “ptr” Gurney and Tarik Celik were effusive in their praise of their new organizational home.

“This has been a lifelong goal for me, and to be part of Counter Logic Gaming is a dream,” Gurney said.

“We have been practicing hard as a team and individuals and for our hard work to finally be noticed is an unbelievable feeling,” Celik said.

The move comes during a period of immense upheaval in North American Counter-Strike. Top regional teams such as Cloud9 and iBUYPOWER have made roster changes in recent weeks, with the latter team having apparently left the iBUYPOWER organization to seek out a new home.

At the same time, esports organizations like Team Liquid and Denial Esports have been involved in a shuffling of rosters between competing organizations.

Counter Logic Gaming’s new Counter-Strike team will be looking to break the stranglehold that the core rosters of Cloud9 and iBUYPOWER had established at the top of North American Counter-Strike.

The move also marks the continued rounding out of Counter Logic Gaming into a broader esports organization. In November, Counter Logic Gaming acquired a Halo roster that included such names as Tom “Ogre2” Ryan and Richie Heinz.

The freshly rebranded Counter-Strike team will make its major debut at Major League Gaming’s first live Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competition, which begins Jan. 23 at X Games in Aspen, Colo. Competition will be stiff, with such teams as LDLC and Ninjas in Pyjamas making the trip to play.