Copenhagen Wolves return to Counter-Strike

One of Europe’s biggest esports organizations has found its way back to Counter-Strike

One of Europe’s biggest esports organizations has found its way back to Counter-Strike.

Copenhagen Wolves has a acquired a new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team. The Danish organization has notably stepped outside its domestic boundaries for this latest foray into the world’s most popular first-person shooter, collecting talent from Norway and Sweden.

Three Norwegian players, Mortan “Zeves” Vollan, Ruben “Rubino” Villarroel and Joakim “Jkaem” Myrbostad will join by way of LGB Esports. Copenhagen Wolves worked out an undisclosed transfer agreement to acquire the players, as they were still under contract.

They’ll be aided by Swedish players Simon “Twist” Elliasson and Erik “Zende” Sundeqvist. The pair recently parted ways with domestic team Property, setting the stage for a potential move. All five players have signed long term deals with the Copenhagen Wolves.

Considering the continued growth and prominence of the game, it’s a natural move for the Wolves. CEO Jakob Lund Kristensen said as much in his statement on the acquisition.

“Since our last tenure, the game has seen an immense growth and we feel it is a natural and needed step for our company,” Kristensen said.

Kristensen acknowledged that the organization was moving away from its traditional Danish rosters, instead choosing to focus on the best available talent regardless of geographic location.

The move might seem especially necessary for Copenhagen Wolves considering their recent relegation from the European League Championship Series in League of Legends and the upheaval that has taken hold of the team in what had become its trademark platform for play. Now ineligible to return to the LCS until next summer at the earliest, the Wolves will be looking to maintain prominence elsewhere in the esports world.

The team’s debut was a promising one, as they swept LDLC White two games to none in a qualifying match for DreamHack’s London event.

LGB Esports will again be left looking to pick up the pieces. The organization has struggled to maintain a consistent Counter-Strike team since the loss of the group that included multiple members of Fnatic’s wildly successful current team.

Photo via Copenhagen Wolves/Facebook

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