Allu leaves Mousesports, heads home to Finland

Finland’s brightest talent in Counter-Strike has returned home

Finland’s brightest talent in Counter-Strike has returned home.

3DMAX, the nation’s top team in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has announced the acquisition of Aleksi “Allu” Jalli. Jalli will be joined by fellow new addition and countryman Tom “Stonde” Glad.

The move marks a departure for Jalli from his former team, Mousesports. Jalli joined the German esports organization several months ago in a bid to play at the highest levels of the game, beyond what any local Finnish team seemed capable of.

But Jalli’s time in Mousesports was marked predominantly by disappointment. The team failed to qualify from DreamHack Winter, even as two other German teams were successful in their own bids. They finished last at the ESEA global final, and most recently failed to place in the top three at the Acer A-Split Invitational.

3DMAX also ended 2014 trending down.

After showing great promise with a top four finish at DreamHack Stockholm that included wins over Dignitas and Copenhagen Wolves, the Finnish team failed just as Mousesports had to qualify for DreamHack Winter.

The failure was an even more bitter pill for 3DMAX to swallow, as they were one of four invited teams at the last chance qualifier but were unable to pick up the necessary win to earn an invitation.

Captain Joona “Natu” Leppanen was frank in addressing those struggles in an official statement.

“We did not perform up to any standards, disappointing ourselves (and) our fans and followers alike,” Leppanen said.

Given those struggles, the squad decided it was time for a change, as Timo “Reflex” Rintala and Mikko “Xarte” Valimaa were both released. And while he was frank in assessing the team’s past performances, Leppanen expressed optimism regarding the new roster.

“Our goal is to finally bring Finland where it belongs on the Counter-Strike map,” Leppanen said.

The talented Jalli echoed Leppanen’s sentiments as he prepares to once again represent his home nation.

“We are all looking forward to playing with each other again and finally putting Finland back on the map,” Jalli said.

Image via 3DMAX/Facebook