Coldzera disables his Instagram comments after hinting at a move to FaZe Clan’s CS:GO team

Niko and Coldzera were seen in the comments of his latest post.

Photo via DreamHack

It’s only been a day since reports surfaced about Marcelo “coldzera” David and his request to be benched by MIBR. Now, more fuel has been added to the fire.

In Coldzera’s latest Instagram post, he and Bosnian player Nikola “NiKo” Kovač were seen hinting about a possible move to FaZe Clan.

Coldzera’s post was accompanied by a mysterious message:

“Let us remember that the inner man always renews himself,” Coldzera said. “Fighting enriches him with experience, pain improves his emotions, and sacrifice tempers his character. The incarnate spirit undergoes constant transformations on the outside, in order to acculturate and to magnify itself within.”

But the big news comes from a comment made by FaZe player NiKo, who said “#FaZeUp” in response. Coldzera responded to NiKo’s comment with three “eyes” emojis, which has caused people to speculate that the talented 24-year-old might be making a move to FaZe.

Screengrab via Instagram

Many people in the CS:GO community are skeptical of the move, though. One big problem that FaZe has had for some time now is its lack of a proper in-game leader. Since May, the team has used Filip “NEO” Kubski as a substitute IGL to limited success. Still, adding firepower like Coldzera could be fun to watch in the coming months, if this move takes place.