CoL and Liquid secure the first playoff berths at the FACEIT London Major

North American Counter-Strike is back on the map.

Photo via FACEIT

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The third day of the New Legends stage at the FACEIT London Major was great for North American Counter-Strike.

NA powerhouses compLexity Gaming and Team Liquid powered through the second stage of the Major with 3-0 records. CoL cleaned out German juggernaut BIG in their win on Nuke, while Liquid stunned Astralis in overtime of Inferno with a 19-16 scoreline to end their time in this stage of the Major. After day three, coL and Liquid sit atop the team standings with 1.32 and 1.24 HLTV 2.0 ratings, but that should change going into the final two days of this stage.

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Other contenders like Mousesports and Winstrike, however, weren’t as fortunate in the 13th Valve Major. They were eliminated with 0-3 records by FaZe Clan and Cloud9—both of whom have survived to play another day in the New Legends stage, despite being finalists in the last Major cycle.

Swiss Format: Round three

2-0 matches

  • compLexity Gaming won Nuke 16-8 vs. BIG
  • Team Liquid won Inferno 19-15 vs. Astralis

1-1 matches

  • Fnatic won Inferno 16-14 vs. Vega Squadron
  • HellRaisers won Overpass 16-10 vs. TyLoo
  • Natus Vincere won Train 16-6 vs. Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • MIBR won Inferno 16-4 vs. G2 Esports

0-2 matches

  • Cloud9 won Inferno 19-16 vs. Winstrike
  • FaZe Clan won Mirage 16-8 vs. Mousesports

The New Legends stage will resume tomorrow at 5am CT, with BIG and HellRaisers kicking off the action in a 2-1 matchup. There will be three 2-1 matches and three 1-2 matches on day four of the New Legends stage.