Cloud9 adds Mezii to its CS:GO roster

The young rifler has joined Cloud9.

Image via Cloud9

Cloud9’s ‘colossal’ CS:GO rebuild is well underway—and some more British talent has been added. 

Young British rifler William “Mezii” Merriman has joined the North American organization as the second starting player on the new roster, Cloud9 announced earlier today. Mezii’s contract extends to three years while his three-year salary equates to $426,000, Cloud9’s general manager and former commentator HenryG revealed. 

The former GamerLegion player is a new face for professional Counter-Strike. He played for Vexed until April this year and was transferred to GamerLegion, where he stayed until he was picked up by Cloud9. 

Mezzi has been a stable rifler in the semi-professional scene and has ambition to play against the best in the world. Although he isn’t widely known, Cloud9 clearly has a defined role for the British player. 

Mezzi is yet to win a trophy but has some impressive statistics considering the level of play. Over the past three months he’s contributed in 73.5 percent of rounds and achieved solid performance rating, according to

He’ll start alongside veteran player ALEX, who captains the team. ALEX hit incredible form during the peak of Vitality’s performance last year, but he left the team earlier this year before he felt the intense ramifications of consistent travel during the CS:GO calendar. 

Now ALEX is back and he’s ready to team up with some homegrown talent with Mezii on Cloud9.