Cevo Gfinty CS:GO Season 9 Finals – Day One Recap

All the action from day one at the Cevo Gfinity season nine finals

Today was the start of the CEVO GFinity Season Nine Finals which consisted of the top four North American and European teams in the respected league.

Tempo Storm defeat SK Gaming 2-0 (Group B)

Train (16-12)

Cobblestone (16-6) 

Virtus.Pro defeat Splyce 2-1 (Group A)

Mirage (16-14)

Cobblestone (11-16)

Overpass (16-11)

Team Dignitas defeat Selfless 2-0 (Group B)

Inferno (16-6) Mirage (16-6)

Hellraisers defeat OpTic Gaming 2-1 (Group A)

Cobblestone (8-16)

Cache (16-8)

Overpass (16-3) 

SK Gaming defeat Selfless 2-0 (Group B Elimination Match)

Overpass (16-3)

Cache (16-1)

The matches for tomorrow start at 5:00 AM EDT on Twitch

5:00 AM EDT – Splyce vs OpTic Gaming – (Elimination match)

7:45 AM EDT – Team Dignitas vs Tempo Storm

10:15 AM EDT – Virtus.Pro vs Hellraisers

1:00 PM EDT – Group B decider – (Elimination match)

3:45 PM EDT – Group A decider – (Elimination match)

Four of these teams will advance to the Semi-Finals of the CEVO GFinity Season 9 Finals, let us know who you think will be advancing by tweeting at us  @eSportsNation