FlipSid3 may rest Bond1k amid health concerns

Health issues could sideline one of FlipSid3's core players

Image via Flipsid3 Tactics

Health issues could sideline one of FlipSid3’s core players.

The Ukrainian team has learned that Vlаdуslаv “bond1k” Nеchуроrchuk, may need to be rested following a diagnosis of a throat condition called “Quinsy” or Peritonsillar abscesses.

The illness, often mistaken for tonsillitis, leads to abscesses forming in the back of throat, an infection that can lead to other complications. Symptoms include a fever and difficulty eating and drinking due to the swelling. While the organization has kept in constant consultation with medical professionals, it’s too early in the diagnosis to state how serious the case could be.

This latest development continues a run of bad luck for FlipSid3. The Ukrainian team have had a tough time in the ESL and ESEA Pro League, currently sitting at rock bottom on the European ladder with just one win from their 16 games played so far. This has been compounded by having to use a stand-in as their star-player Aleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev remains banned from five-on-five ESL competitions until 2016 for evading an earlier ban.

While Nеchуроrchuk’s health might be irrelevant when it comes to their ongoing fortunes in the ESL competition, it might possibly impact their LAN attendance in upcoming weeks. With DreamHack, ESWC Qualifiers, and Starladder appearances all a possibility if results go their way, they are monitoring the health of their player very closely.

“It is very concerning how quickly this came and how serious it can be” a team spokesperson told The Daily Dot. “We don’t know how this affect our LANs yet but as of right now we’re doing everything we can for him. A doctor saw him and the prognosis seems OK for now but it depends on his fevers. We are with him all the way and hope he has a speedy recovery.”