BIG, Orgless qualify for FLASHPOINT season one

This is a big step for Orgless.

Photo via DreamHack

BIG and Orgless qualified for FLASHPOINT’s season one today through FLASHPOINT’s global qualifier.

The pair will be joining the league’s seven founding members, MIBR, Cloud9, Gen.G, Dignitas, MAD Lions, Envy, and c0ntact Gaming in the inaugural season.

There were eight teams playing at the global qualifier in Los Angeles, United States. BIG actually recovered from a bad start after losing to DETONA in the opening round. The German side then eliminated AVEZ and DETONA to advance to the semifinals against HAVU and beat the Finnish team 2-0 to qualify for FLASHPOINT season one.

Orgless, on the other hand, won all of the series they played. The North Americans beat AVEZ, DETONA, and Chaos to qualify for FLASHPOINT. This shall be the starting point for WARDELL, and crew as to how their team name suggests, they’re currently playing without the backing of an esports organization.

Gage “Infinite” Green, who was benched from Chaos and moved to play with Orgless, was ironically the best performer of the tournament, with a 1.32 rating in six maps, according to HLTV’s statistics. On BIG’s side, it was mainly Florian “syrsoN” Rische putting great numbers. The German sniper finished with 1.27 rating across seven maps, being the fourth-best player of the global qualifier.

FLASHPOINT is still seeking three other partner teams to join the league, which will have 12 teams. The founding members have to pay a $2 million fee, but many of the best teams in the world have already signed long-term agreements with the ESL Pro League.

The first season of FLASHPOINT will kick off on March 13 and it will offer a $1 million prize pool.