From CYPHER to ZywOo, here are the best CS:GO highlights of the BLAST Paris Major

This is the pinnacle of high-level Counter-Strike.

Photo by Stephanie Lindgren via BLAST

BLAST Paris, the final CS:GO Major, concluded on May 21. During the event, players delivered all sorts of great individual plays, even some that may have gone under the radar.

Throughout this article, we’ll look at what we think were the best highlights of the whole BLAST Paris Major, which started on May 8 with the Challengers Stage. We’ve watched nearly every one of the 118 maps played in the final CS:GO Major and took notes of every special individual play.

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Without further ado, remember or take a look for the first time at the most iconic plays of the BLAST Paris Major.

The best plays of BLAST Paris CS:GO Major

M0NESY aces The Mongolz on Inferno

What makes this ace special is the fact that m0NESY got lots of AWP kills while playing as a Terrorist and most of them came during G2’s B bombsite hit. He won a round for G2 that they should have lost since The Mongolz were well-positioned to stop the B execution and showed everyone at home it’s possible to have a great impact with the AWP on Inferno’s T side. This highlight also hurt The Mongolz for the rest of the game as they didn’t score a single point after it.

Ropz shows incredible precision with the USP-S against paiN Gaming

Killing four players with just one USP-S magazine requires godlike aim and calmness because you have to hit your headshots. This is exactly what FaZe Clan’s ropz did against paiN Gaming while hiding on Nuke’s Dark on the B site. He got rid of every player who showed up on his screen in a position where you and I would probably kill just one or two at best.

Alistair cements Grayhound’s historic comeback on Mirage with a one-vs-one clutch

Grayhound had an immense recovery in their first match at the BLAST Paris Major. The Australians found themselves down 12-3 after the first half but ended up winning the game 16-14 after a fierce CT side. Alistair Johnston got three AWP kills in the 30th round and most notably killed Aleksandr “zorte” Zagodyrenko in a difficult one-vs-one clutch to defuse the bomb in time and once again ruin the majority of pick’ems.

Techno shatters GamerLegion’s pistol round with Dual Berettas ace

GamerLegion went for the good ol’ B site hit on Inferno’s pistol round against The Mongolz, but they didn’t think Sodbayar “Techno” Munkhbold would not even allow them to get onto the site. The Mongolian hid behind the Wall on Banana and terminated all of GamerLegion’s players with his Dual Berettas.

SENER1 bails out Bad News Eagles from throwing the anti-eco with a Galil ace

Bad News Eagles were in a difficult three-vs-five situation against ENCE on Vertigo when Sener “SENER1” Mahmuti appeared to save the round and get a Galil ace. He sprayed down the three first players and finished off the final two with two crispy headshots.

CRUC1AL denies FaZe Clan the A site on Inferno

CRUC1AL played some of the best Counter-Strike of his life at the BLAST Paris Major. The Dutch AWPer was crucial for Into the Breach’s surprising playoff run because of his consistent kills with the Big Green. In this clip, he cleared Mid on his own and got the kill on rain, and later on took care of the three FaZe players invading the A site while holding a tight angle with his AWP.

Gxx- showcases his reflexes with a quick AWP ace on Mirage

What Bad News Eagles’ AWPer Genc “gxx-” Kolgeci did in this clip might look easy at first glance because all FaZe had to work with were pistols, but he actually nailed some really difficult shots under pressure. The frag on Twistzz was impressive because of the flick gxx- pulled off and the one on rain was a beautiful no-scope.

Ropz saves FaZe from elimination with just 25 HP

This highlight slipped under the radar because FaZe ended up falling in the quarterfinals. But if they won the title, everybody on the team would have had to thank ropz. The Estonian survived a wall bang in the 30th round against Bad News Eagles with just 25 HP and got three kills to save FaZe from elimination on the third day of the Legends Stage. His positioning and awareness while playing with his back against the wall show why he’s one of the best in the world.

CYPHER holds “W” and destroys Fnatic with his Glock

The British entry-fragger CYPHER went from obscurity to one of the hottest prospects in CS:GO after the BLAST Paris Major cycle. The Into the Breach youngster plays with no fear and even got complimented by ZywOo after their quarterfinals duel. The Glock ace CYPHER got against Fnatic in the Legends Stage demonstrates exactly the type of player he is. He just kept holding W and killed every player who showed up on his screen like it was a deathmatch game.

iM keeps Vitality honest with flashy Ramp defense on Nuke

IM was undoubtedly the breakout player of the BLAST Paris Major as he finished the tournament as the second highest-rated player and the main reason why GamerLegion made a historic Cinderella run all the way to the grand finals. The Romanian rifler has unbelievably sharp aim, and in this clip, he smartly outplayed Vitality with just a Five-Seven pistol, getting three quick kills and stealing one AK-47 to get his fourth frag.

ZywOo gets the best highlight of the tournament at the expense of G2

You can’t count out ZywOo in a round even if he’s against four players on his own and the site is taken. The French superstar outmaneuvered G2 in every way possible from the very beginning in this Nuke highlight, first with the difficult shot on huNter- and then with the skillful silent drop to the A site that caught HooXi off guard. This left ZywOo in a doable one-vs-two and he had the perfect read against both jks and m0NESY to kill them just in time to get the defuse.

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