Best AWP spots and locations to hold in CS:GO

Make the best of your AWP-ortunities.

Image via Valve

Of the many weapons available in CS:GO’s arsenal, no weapon is quite as iconic and synonymous with highlight plays as the AWP. The AWP is the definitive sniper rifle used in the game, and some of the competitive scene’s greats and titans have built their standing with it equipped in their hands. S1mple, ZywOo, dev1ce, and numerous others are well known for their spectacular play on the AWP.

It’s easy to see why the AWP attracts players. Its superior damage and range let players get one-hit kills from across sites and down the length of long corridors. Players can also scope in quickly, and the adventurous can go for some truly outlandish highlights.

Raw skill and a little bit of luck will certainly get you some kills from time to time, but the great AWPers know which positions are the best to hold across CS:GO’s active duty map pool.

Here are the best spots and angles to hold with the AWP in CS:GO, sorted by map.


  • CT: Back side of B. Has a clear view of Ramp and gives the CT the option to retreat safely toward CT spawn.
  • CT: Watching mid from House. The steps in House mean the CT AWPer can hold the angle without having their entire body showing. Someone on the CT-sided mid connector, near Side Hall, can watch the T-side Upper angle to provide support.
  • CT: Watching A from Back Hall. The windows in Back Hall give the CT a bit of cover and allows them to switch between holding the A Main entrance and the A Side Hall entrance. Also lets them retreat if need be.
  • T: Watching B from Ramp. T AWPer can hug either wall to hold an angle on either CT corridor on the back of B.
  • T: Watching mid from T side Upper. Players can shut down any pushes from Side Hall and can use smoke or flash to choke off opposite AWPer holding from House.
  • T: Watching A from Main Hall. Can creep up A main and clear angles one at a time, including someone lurking in Back Hall. Has good sightlines down into CT spawn once on site.

Dust II

  • CT: Watching B from Window. This angle makes it hard for opposing AWPers to get a shot without peeking out from B Main. Can prevent trades by falling back out of Window, or you have the option to get more aggressive by diving into B.
  • CT: Watching Mid from Bottom of Mid through Doors. Can watch Top of Mid or the entrance to A short/catwalk. Can retreat to CT spawn or B site if a rush is spotted.
  • CT: Watching A long from back of site. Not the most ideal if there’s no one watching catwalk, but gives a wide field of view to A long. Can even catch T-side players jumping into Pit and gives the option to retreat into the corner or deeper into the site if need be.
  • T: Watching Mid from Top of Mid. Can be accessed from T spawn without CT holding mid noticing if you hug the wall on the left side. Boxes for cover.
  • T: Watching A Long from Pit.


  • CT: Watching B main entrance from Coffins. Easy to pick off enemies peeking around the corner, and the Coffins let you jump down and fall back if you’re overwhelmed.
  • CT: Watching Banana. A more aggressive take on holding Banana from the B site. Prevents enemies from getting to car. A teammate can hold from behind sandbags and let you escape during a rush.
  • CT: Watching Top of Mid from Arch. Can cover Mid and Boiler.
  • T: Watching Banana from Cubby. Shuts down singular aggression on Banana from CTs.
  • T: Watching mid from T ramp. Perfect spot for picking off the player that tries to challenge Mid from outside Boiler.


  • CT: Watching Apartments from Van side. A nice spot that doesn’t directly expose you to apartments or catwalk. Can drop down safely when pushed.
  • CT: Watching Mid from Window. The go-to AWP-ing spot on CT-side Mirage. Can be smoked off, however.
  • CT: Watching A from Ticket Booth. Can potentially hold A main entrance or Palace. Can also retreat safely to CT spawn.
  • T: Watching Mid from Top of Mid. T-side can gain mid control if they smoke off Window or if CT-side AWPer in Window is taken out.


  • CT: Watching Outside from Garage. Can watch most of Outside.
  • CT: Watching Radio/Control from Ramp. Deep angle into Control/Radio, can use the Ramp to escape upon being pushed.
  • T: Watching Garage/Outside from T-side boxes. Can obtain Outside control without being exposed to too many angles (Garage, Secret, Hut, etc.).


  • CT: Watching Long (CT-side). Enables Long control. Play back and hug to the left as much as possible in case someone pushes through Bathroom.
  • CT: Watching B from Sniper/Heaven. Enables sight of enemies coming through Construction or Canal.
  • T: Watching Long (T-side). Enables Long control.


  • CT: Watching A site from Boost. Elevated spot that enables sight over Ramp and default A entrance. Can back off and hide too.
  • CT: Watching entrance to Stairs from Stairs. An aggressive angle for catching T-side enemies early. Risky because of timing needed to get there, but ideally could make a quick escape after getting a pick.
  • T: Watching Ramp. Enabling ramp control for the T-side, which is vital to executing on A site.

All screengrabs via Valve.