Astralis wins once again: IEM Katowice Grand Finals Match Recap

Astralis is your IEM Katowice 2017 champion.

Image via ESL

The final day of IEM Katowice has concluded and Astralis is the champion once again.

Map One- Cache: FaZe Clan 16 – 9 Astralis

  • Astralis won the first pistol round as CT, but FaZe answered back with a quasi-force buy the next round, despite their lack of a bomb plant to break Astralis’ economy.
  • Full buy at 3-1 FaZe; Trades went down in the B site, but Kjaerbye was left alone on rotation and Karrigan cleaned him up from mid. 4-1 FaZe.
  • Full buy at 5-1 FaZe; FaZe went to B but Astralis was able to retake with three men alive.
  • Full buy at 5-2 FaZe; FaZe took down two Danes holding down A site with no deaths as Astralis decided to save three weapons to retain a decent economy for the next round. Despite being down in weapons, Astralis took the next round.
  • Full buy at 6-3 FaZe; FaZe did a clean sweep of Astralis only losing two players without a bomb plant. Next round’s quasi-buy allowed Astralis to get three exit frags on B site.
  • Full buy at 8-3 FaZe; Astralis gave FaZe full A site control, playing solely for the retake.
  • Full buy at 10-3 FaZe; FaZe went to B, but Astralis rotated early. FaZe’s numbers became thinner as they eventually took the site. Astralis successfully retook the site and defused.
  • Full buy at 10-4 FaZe; FaZe spread out for picks but failed to follow through as Astralis took the final round of the first half. 10-5 FaZe at the half.
  • Astralis took the second pistol round as T with a bomb plant and left FaZe broke at 10-6. FaZe forced four deagles the next round, but lost.
  • Full buy at 10-8 FaZe; Astralis methodically took A site after a crucial pick at mid. Karrigan was left in a 1v3, but he got the clutch and retook after outplaying Xyp9x in A main.
  • Full buy at 11-8 FaZe; Astralis got bomb down on B site, but failed to hold it. FaZe retook with three players alive.
  • Fully buy at 12-8 FaZe; Astralis finally got bomb down after two waves of players. Kioshima won a 1v1 to win the round for the CT side. Astralis able to plant the next round, despite having a broke economy. Astralis called timeout.
  • Full buy at 14-8 FaZe; Both teams were spread out playing picks after the first minute. Astralis slowly took A site leaving Karrigan in a 1v4. Karrigan got two exit frags before dying.
  • Full buy at 14-9 FaZe; Trades went down as both teams stacked mid for picks. NiKo got a crucial pick on dev1ce to make it 3v2 for FaZe. Trades occurred in B site and dupreeh was left in a 1v2 with bomb down on B, fell to rain while playing tri box.
  • Quasi-buy at 15-9; Astralis got bomb down and lost players one by one. gla1ve was left in a 1v3. He successfully killed two, but allu killed him with a USP to end the map 16-9.

Map Two- Overpass: Astralis 16 – 12 FaZe Clan

  • Astralis successfully planted and won on their first round of the T side to gain an advantage. Dupreeh got a 3K on A site, but gla1ve decided to send bomb to B. FaZe killed three players with deagles the next round to slightly affect their economy.
  • Full buy at 3-0 Astralis; FaZe answered back with a successful B site defense.
  • Full buy at 3-1 Astralis; FaZe picked off the T side one by one, leaving Dupreeh to save a rifle.
  • Quasi-buy at 3-3; Astralis was able to finally take the B site in order to re-establish their economy. Allu and rain both fell in an attempt to save an AWP and a rifle.
  • Full buy at 4-3 Astralis; Astralis successfully took A site with a 3v3. Karrigan almost clutched a 1v3 as the last dev1ce killed him with low HP. FaZe won the next round using crossfire P250 setups on B site and Astralis failed to break the anti-eco.
  • Quasi-buy at 5-4 Astralis; FaZe held B site once again. Gla1ve’s B site calls seemed to not be working, regardless of the approach.
  • Full buy at 6-5 FaZe; FaZe’s already-established dominance gave them early map control in order to thin out Astralis one by one. Gla1ve and co. decided on using a tactical timeout with their backs against the wall.
  • Full buy at 7-5 FaZe; Astralis got onto B site, but failed to plant the bomb as Karrigan hit them with a flank at 2v2 – another successful B hold.
  • Full buy at 8-5 FaZe; Astralis finally took B site after gla1ve got an entry frag on an AWPing Karrigan. Grenades held off the defense.
  • Full buy at 8-6 FaZe; Trades occurred throughout the map and kioshima was left as the last alive. Kioshima successfully clutched a 1v2 against Dupreeh and Dev1ce on the B site. 9-6 FaZe at the half.
  • Second Pistol Round; dupreeh got two opening kills, but was traded out. Dev1ce ended what dupreeh started with a 3K. NiKo almost clutched a 1v3 the next round with a rifle from bathroom with bomb down but gla1ve refused him as the last Dane alive.
  • Quasi-buy at 9-8 FaZe; FaZe easily obtained the A site with a mixed economy. Dupreeh saved a rifle for Astralis’ next quasi buy.
  • Quasi-buy at 10-8 FaZe; Astralis’ map control forces FaZe to save two rifles after falling one by one.
  • Quasi-buy at 10-9 FaZe; Trades happened all over bathroom and Xyp9x was left in a 1v3. He picked off NiKo and Karrigan but failed to follow through onto kioshima.
  • Anti-eco at 11-9 FaZe; Dupreeh aced FaZe with a deagle from short on B site. Dupreeh shifted the momentum of the game as FaZe looks puzzled.
  • Full buy at 12-11 Astralis; FaZe answered back with a quick B site take after slipping up for several rounds. Dev1ce was left in a 1v4 and saved an AWP.
  • Full buy at 12-12; Astralis defended A site after FaZe waited over a minute to push into the site. FaZe’s economy was shattered.
  • Full buy at 14-12 Astralis; FaZe’s aggression in connector was halted by Kjaerbye. Astralis read FaZe’s late push through long and ended the round.
  • Full buy at 15-12 Astralis; Astralis easily held B site while FaZe looked uncoordinated on the push.

Map Three- Nuke: Astralis 16 – 12 FaZe Clan

  • Astralis defended both sites against FaZe Clan to win the first pistol round.
  • Full buy at 3-0 Astralis; FaZe answered back with a successful A site take.
  • Full buy at 3-1 Astralis; Astralis traded out the round with a successful B hold by thinning out FaZe in their aggression.
  • Full buy at 6-1 Astralis; FaZe executed a standard push through outside and secret and got bomb down, but was unable to hold onto the site.
  • Full buy at 7-1 Astralis; Opening kills from NiKo allowed the T side to take the A site with ease. FaZe got the plant to re-establish their economy.
  • Full buy at 7-2 Astralis; Astralis picked off FaZe one by one in FaZe’s A push to win the round while only losing gla1ve and Kjaerbye in the process.
  • Full buy at 8-2 Astralis; FaZe successfully got an early bomb plant, but Xyp9x put the Danes on his back with a 4K on the retake. Xyp9x lost the 1v1 retake against NiKo.
  • Full buy at 9-3 Astralis; gla1ve read Karrigan’s call to spread out play for picks.
  • Full buy at 10-3 Astralis; allu planted bomb and got a 4K. Kjaerbye saved a rifle.
  • Full buy at 10-4 Astralis; Another A site take handed FaZe the round as Astralis’ inability to hold A site showed more at the half.
  • Second pistol round; FaZe held onto A site and won the round thanks to two opening kills from NiKo.
  • Full buy at 10-8 Astralis; Astralis’ outside push failed entirely as FaZe won the round without losing a player. Allu had two crucial AWP kills on aggressors from Astralis. Astralis won the anti-eco in the following round.
  • Full buy at 11-9 Astralis; A methodical push from ramp to B site gave Astralis the site and the Danes were able to hold the fort from Karrigan and co.
  • Full buy at 13-9 Astralis; Astralis rushed B site and planted, but was unable to hold it because dev1ce and Xyp9x wrongfully stacked into toxic room. NiKo got a 3K that round.
  • Full buy at 13-10 Astralis; Trades occurred in A and Xyp9x was left in a 1v2. Xyp9x killed NiKo, but Kioshima played around the silo to trade him out on the retake. Astralis called a timeout.
  • Full buy at 13-11 Astralis; An entry frag from Kjaerbye opened up the A site for Astralis. FaZe decided to save their weapons and they retained two rifles and an AWP.
  • Quasi-buy at 14-11 Astralis; Astralis executed a standard outside B push and got the site but couldn’t hold onto the bomb as allu ninja defused with players still alive on both sides.
  • Full buy at 14-12 Astralis; Trades went down throughout the map and Dupreeh was left in a 1v3. Dupreeh went to B site unchallenged and held the site by winning three 1v1 duels against rain, kioshima, and NiKo.
  • Quasi-buy at 15-12 Astralis; Astralis played picks in the first minute to get a 4v2 man advantage. They cleaned up the final two FaZe players to end the map.

Map Four- Inferno: Astralis 16 -13 FaZe Clan

  • First pistol round; FaZe won the round, even though Astralis planted the bomb. Astralis answered back in the next round with a force buy.
  • Full buy at 3-1 Astralis; Astralis executed a mid to quad to A push methodically while gla1ve got a 3K. FaZe salvaged two rifles.
  • Full buy at 5-1 Astralis; FaZe was able to defend A site from another Astralis push without losing a single player thanks to kioshima’s boost onto quad.
  • Full buy at 5-2 Astralis; Astralis rushed B and gained control of the site with ease. FaZe saved a rifle and an AWP as a result.
  • Full buy at 6-2 Astralis; FaZe held another A push from Astralis thanks to their varied positioning.
  • Full buy at 6-3 Astralis; FaZe cleaned up another round with picks all over the map to win without a single player falling.
  • Full buy at 6-5 Astralis; NiKo and Karrigan stopped a banana push to drop the Danes’ economy. Karrigan ended with a 3K to tie the game.
  • Full buy at 7-6 FaZe; FaZe stopped another push on banana with ease.
  • Full buy at 8-6 FaZe; allu cleaned up Astralis with an ace by positioning himself at mid and arch corner. FaZe led 9-6 at the half.
  • Second pistol round; FaZe took control of A site thanks to the help of a 3K from Karrigan at arch corner. Astralis won the anti-eco the next round.
  • Full buy at 10-9 Astralis; FaZe methodically took A site by taking out three stacked Danes. Xyp9x and gla1ve saved two rifles.
  • Full buy at 11-9 Astralis; FaZe fell in their attempt to take A site in a slightly different way. Karrigan missed a crucial kill on Dupreeh that could’ve given FaZe the site.
  • Full buy at 12-11 Astralis; Trades occurred throughout the B site on FaZe’s push. Rain was left at new box with an AWP in a 1v3; he picked up two, but couldn’t finish the job on Kjaerbye. FaZe called a timeout shortly after.
  • Full buy at 13-12 Astralis; FaZe Clan took the site after two entry frags and Astralis decided to save three of their weapons for the next round. Astralis called a timeout once the game was tied.
  • Full buy at 13-13 Astralis; Astralis successfully held the B site thanks to an important 3K from dev1ce.
  • Full buy at 14-13 Astralis; Astralis got successful picks on banana and FaZe decided to rotate to A. Their rotation was read and Astralis won the round for map point.
  • Full buy at 15-13 Astralis; Players from FaZe went down left and right and NiKo was left in a 1v3. Gla1ve killed NiKo after he planted to win the championship.

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