Astralis Partners with Audi

Astralis has announced their newest sponsorship with Audi.

Just three days before the start of the ELEAGUE Major, Astralis announced their newest partnership with Audi, a German car manufacturer.

This has to be one of the biggest non-endemic sponsorships in esports currently, similar to ELEAGUE featuring Buffalo Wild Wings and Snickers. Also, more recently, SK Gaming announced that they had a deal with Visa and Team Vitality has teamed up with Adidas, so it is great to see brands like these joining the world of esports.

Audi is known for some of its high-end sports cars, as well as a wide selection of saloon, coupe vehicles. Whether this means we will being seeing an Astralis-themed car aimed at gamers on the way is not certain; in fact, we do not know what their intentions are currently. However, we can assume it is some sort of financial investment they have made into the team and it is certainly one of the biggest for a player-owned organization to date.

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