Astralis win Group D at the ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier

The Danes are on their way to their fourth consecutive ELEAGUE playoff stage.

Photo via ELEAGUE

The winner of the final group in the ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier was decided last night, and now only one spot remains for the playoff stage.

Astralis won Group D in the last Friday night of group stage action with a win over Team Liquid in the initial match and a win over Heroic in the winners showmatch. A great Counter-Terrorist side and a few well-executed Terrorist rounds put the Danes ahead of Liquid on Overpass 16-11 in the first best-of one. Later on, they crushed Heroic on Train 16-2, with Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander doing the most damage at a 24-9 kill death ratio and 120.4 average damage per round.

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The Danish stars are the seventh team to earn their spot in the ELEAGUE playoff stage—joining FaZe Clan, G2 Esports, North, Fnatic, Cloud9, and Team EnVyUs.

Competition in Group D will conclude later today, with Liquid, SK Gaming, and Heroic fighting for the last playoff slot. Liquid and SK will face off at 2pm ET in the losers best-of-three match, while Heroic will play the winner of that series at 4:30pm ET.

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