Americas Minor Day 1 Recap

Americas Minor Day 1 Recap and Results

The first day of the Americas Minor for the ELEAGUE 2017 Major concluded with the two opening matches. Here are the results from the two best-of-one games.

Match One

  • Cloud9 defeats Muffin Lightning 16-7 on Cobblestone

Full stats via HLTV

Standout Performance: Despite his recent struggles in Cloud9’s recent events, Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham performed quite well on Cobblestone, a map with high potential for AWPing success. Hopefully he can continue his success from this match into the later series to help Cloud9 secure a spot at the major qualifier.

Match Two

Full stats via HLTV

Standout Performance: Lucas “lucas” Teles performed solidly throughout the match, and was pivotal in a 3v5 retake of A-Site during the first half on the Counter-Terrorist side. If Immortals wants to qualify for its first major, even with today’s win, lucas and co. will need to step up their performance.

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