All Mirage callouts in CS:GO

The ins and outs of Mirage.

Image via Valve

Mirage is one of Counter-Strike’s most iconic maps. 

Love it or hate it, it’s a stape of the competitive scene and regularly features on the international stage.  

It was originally a community map named de_clp_strike, created by Michael “BubkeZ” Hull. But in 2013, a year after Global Offensive launched, Valve made the decision to remake Mirage as an official bomb defusal map. 

Since releasing to the live servers, Mirage has remained in the game’s active map pool and has received very few changes. A graffiti of an AWP with wings and four red skulls was added to the B site when Marcelo “coldzera” David made the play of a lifetime. But other than that, the map has largely stayed the same.

Here are all the callouts for Mirage.

Image via Simple Radar

Mirage has plenty of callouts. There’s Palace, which overlooks the A bombsite, and Apartments, which leads to the B bombsite. There’s also Catwalk, along the middle of the map, Underpass, Connector, Jungle, and many more.

Every callout, in one form or another, is crucial to communicating with your teammates, no matter if you’re playing as a tight five-man unit or with a group of randoms.