All CS:GO teams qualified for ESL Pro League season 17 playoffs

There are four intense weeks of group play before the competition reaches the single-elimination stage.

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The 17th edition of the ESL Pro League features 32 CS:GO teams from Europe, North America, South America, Asia, and Oceania, but only half of them will reach the playoffs and fight in the single-elimination bracket after the triple-elimination group stage is over.

ESL has distributed the 32 teams across four groups and the group stage will be played over four weeks, ending on Sunday, March 19. The top four CS:GO teams in each group will qualify for the playoffs. The group winners will qualify straight to the quarterfinals, while the runners-up advance to the round of 12, and the third and fourth-placed squads have to play in the round of 16. All the group stage matches are taking place in Malta, Europe at ESL’s studio and so will the playoff matches.

The playoffs of ESL Pro League season 17 will kick off on Tuesday, March 21, and end on Sunday, March 26 with the best-of-five grand finals. The winner will earn $200,000 and secure a spot at IEM Cologne 2023 and BLAST Premier World Final 2023.

Here are all of the teams that qualified for the ESL Pro League season 17 playoffs. We’ll update this article throughout the competition, as well as the scores, schedule, and brackets of the tournament.

All CS:GO teams qualified for ESL Pro League season 17 playoffs

Team nameGroup VictoriesLossesQualified for
Cloud9A3 (Evil Geniuses, G2, Outsiders)0Quarterfinals
OutsidersA2 (IHC, Fnatic)1 (Cloud9)Round of 12
G2A3 (Eternal Fire, MIBR, Fnatic)1 (Cloud9)Round of 16
FnaticA4 (MIBR, Eternal Fire, IHC, Eternal Fire)2 (Outsiders, G2)Round of 16
HeroicB3 (Movistar Riders, BIG, MOUZ)0Quarterfinals
MOUZB2 (SAW, FURIA)1 (HeroicRound of 12
FURIAB3 (Imperial, Movistar Riders, BIG)1 (MOUZ)Round of 16
Movistar RidersB3 (Complexity, SAW, BIG)2 (Heroic, FURIA)Round of 16
VitalityC3 (Grayhound, OG, FaZe)0Quarterfinals
FaZe ClanC2 (Rooster, NiP)1 (Vitality)Round of 12
paiN GamingC3 (Rooster, OG, Grayhound)1 (NiP)Round of 16
00 NationC3 (Rooster, Grayhound, NiP)2 (OG, Grayhound)Round of 16
FORZED3 (NAVI, Spirit, ENCE)0Quarterfinals
ENCED2 (ATK, Rare Atom)1 (FORZE)Round of 12
Natus VincereD3 (Astralis, Rare Atom, Spirit)1 (FORZE)Round of 16
LiquidD3 (ATK, Rare Atom, Astralis)2 (Rare Atom, Spirit)Round of 16

ESL Pro League season 17 playoff schedule

Tuesday, March 21

  • 9:30am CT: NAVI vs. 00 Nation
  • 9:30am CT: Fnatic vs. FURIA
  • 1pm CT: Liquid vs. paiN
  • 1pm CT: G2 vs. Movistar Riders

Wednesday, March 22

  • 9:30am CT: Outsiders vs. NAVI/00 Nation winner
  • 9:30am CT: FaZe vs. FURIA
  • 1pm CT: MOUZ vs. Liquid/paiN winner
  • 1pm CT: ENCE vs. G2

Thursday, March 23

  • 9:30am CT: Heroic vs. Outsiders/NAVI or 00 Nation winner
  • 1pm CT: FORZE vs. FaZe/FURIA winner

Friday, March 24

  • 9:30am CT: Cloud9 vs. MOUZ/Liquid or paiN winner
  • 1pm CT: Vitality vs. ENCE/G2 winner

Saturday, March 25

  • 9:30am CT: First semifinals
  • 1pm CT: Second semifinals

Sunday, March 26

  • 9am CT: Grand finals


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