AK-47 and AUG were the most bought weapons at ECS season seven finals

Pro players prefer the AK-47 and scoped-weapons instead of the M4A4.

Screengrab via FACEIT

The weapons bought during ECS season seven finals the last weekend shows pro players are using scoped-weapons more according to Stay in Pit, a stats website focused on CS:GO.

The AK-47 remains the most picked weapon on the T-side, but the AUG was by far the most preferred gun on the defensive side, due to its scope and great fire rate.

The MA4A has been the reliable rifle on the CT-side since CS:GO came out in 2012. But it was surpassed by the AUG, after Valve reduced its price to $3,100 in October 2018. Since then, players the gun has been quite useful, as it is basically a M4A4 with a scope and similar spray pattern.

It allows the CTs to take more long-distance approach against the terrorists and their mighty one-shot potential AK-47. Valve increased the AUG price back to $3,300 in March 2019, but as the Stay in Pit statistics says, the players continued to use it.

It’s also curious to see that the SG 553, the scoped-weapon available for the terrorists, is being more regularly used. It has a one-shot potential just like the AK-47 and its powerful scope, but the spray pattern is different, which makes it harder if you have to commit in a spray duel.

On the other hand, the M4A1-s was used only seven times on the CT side, which shows that almost nobody is playing with the silenced rifle. FURIA’s Vinicius “VINI” Figueiredo was the only person who played with it. M4A1-s is even behind the XM1014, an automatic shotgun that is only used in eco rounds or specific situations.
Valve could increase the AUG price again, so fans could see more variety at tournaments soon. There are certainly a few pros that dislike the current metagame, like FaZe’s star, Nikola “NiKo” Kovač.