AGF signs cajunb, Kristou, and Nodios

Cajunb has been waiting for an opportunity since North ceased its operations in February.

Cajunb joins C9
Photo via DreamHack

Danish esports organization AGF has revamped its CS:GO lineup with three additions, including the veteran René “cajunb” Borg, who’s played for prestigious teams such as Dignitas, TSM, Astralis, North, OpTic Gaming, and Cloud9 in the past and now has been given the task of in-game leading AGF. The other two signings are the former North AWPer Kristoffer “⁠Kristou⁠” Aamand, who played for AGF in the past, and former Copenhagen Flames rifler Magnus “Nodios” Olsen.

With these changes taking place, Thomas “⁠Ryxxo⁠” Nielsen and Martin “⁠PERCY⁠” Wessel have been moved to the organization’s bench, whereas Lucas “⁠Lukki⁠” Pilheden has gone on medical leave.

“Our results and performance have not lived up to our own expectations,” AGF said in an official statement. “We’ve worked hard in trying to overcome the obstacles in front of us, but despite our efforts it just didn’t click. So, with that comes the realization that change is needed.”

“Super happy to announce that I will be the new IGL of AGF, it’s a step which I have been wanting to make for a while,” cajunb said on Twitter. “I have felt a need to grow as a person but also as a player and therefore I took this decision. I’m looking forward to grind with these young guys.”

On top of all these roster changes for the first team, AGF also revealed the signing of Emil “mad0” Nielsen to its academy project. The 19-year-old will be replacing Kenni “wezx” Rye, who is about to become a father and will take on the coaching role alongside Mads “Laketown” Søbye.

Cajunb had been on the sidelines since February when North ceased its operations, but he only became a free agent in June when his contract officially expired. The AGF project is arguably a downgrade compared to the past teams he’s been a part of, but it might be an opportunity for him to help young players develop and show what he’s capable of as an in-game leader.