The 9 best gifts for CS:GO players

Let's make this holiday season as right as rain.

If you’ve figured out what to get everyone on your gifting list but are having a tough time deciding on a gift for your CS:GO enthusiast friend, fear not.

Their constant blabbering about CS:GO may have become old over time, but it’s essentially a giveaway of what sort of gift they’d enjoy. While CS:GO can look like a simple shooter game from the outside, the game’s cosmetic system has allowed players to get their hands on cool skins for their guns and other tools. Some of these skins have become iconic within the community over time, either due to their prices or how beautiful they look.

Before you place an order, make sure to double check the items’ delivery dates since the shipping process may vary depending on when you’re ordering. If the delivery time indicates that your gift may not make it in time for Christmas, you can always try your luck with other items on our list.

Here are the best gifts for CS:GO fans that you can get for them this holiday season.

A token of service

Valve awards players with nice little tokens that showcase how long they’ve been playing CS:GO for. These Veteran Coins are also a great way of showing their skill level since veterans are most likely to be better than any newbie unless they’re hovering around the lower ranks.

This life-sized Veteran Coin also comes in a simplistic case, which makes it easier to hang on a wall and works well to keep it clean from any dust or debris. 

Customized CS:GO keycaps

Gaming mice may be responsible for all the aiming and camera movement in CS:GO, but a decent mechanical keyboard is a must to allow your player-movement reflexes to transition into the game without any loss. Though each gaming keyboard ships with a nice set of keys, you can always improve them when it comes to style.

Customized CS:GO keycaps will allow your giftee to take their keyboard game to the next level. You’ll need to make sure that they’re using a keyboard with Cherry MX Switches, however, since these caps will only fit them. Cherry MX is a type of gaming switch that’s relatively common in the keyboard industry.

If you know what keyboard your friend uses, you can quickly learn more about its switch type with a Google search.

CS:GO knife replicas

Knives are in a world of their own when it comes to CS:GO cosmetics. Their high rarity and cool effects make them one of the most desired cosmetic items in the game—and they tend to cost a lot. There have been examples of knives going for over $50,000 in CS:GO, but luckily their real-life replicas are nowhere near that when it comes to price.

It’s possible to find both functional replicas with sharp edges and toy-like ones that will just become a token of appreciation. Whichever you choose, they all do a fantastic job of reflecting the original in-game items’ artistic style.

Considering CS:GO characters attempt different knife tricks when they equip one, you can expect your friend to become obsessed with knife trick videos on YouTube upon receiving your gift.

A mouse bungee

CS:GO is a hectic game and most players prefer playing it on a lower sensitivity for a smoother experience. This increases the number of mouse movements they can make to move their camera around. But a loose mouse cable can quickly get them killed in a one-vs-one situation.

A mouse bungee gives a slight lift to a mouse’s cable and helps it avoid any obstacles like desk edges or keyboards. It’s also one of the most underrated gaming accessories since most gamers try to fix this problem with homemade remedies like taping a mouse’s cable to the desk. It’s one of those things that you won’t realize you need until you have it—and it’s one of the best sleeper gifts for any CS:GO player.

Mouse: SteelSeries Rival 310 Howl Edition

Gaming mice are equipped with the latest technology to make sure a crosshair doesn’t skip a single frame. They tend to have industrial designs, though. One exception to this is SteelSeries’ CS:GO line.

The latest iteration of the series features the company’s Rival 310 with the Howl artwork. Howl is actually from a popular in-game skin that belongs to the gun M4A1 and it looks marvelous on the Rival 310.

The mouse features the TrueMove3 sensor, which SteelSeries describes as the world’s first true one-to-one esports sensor. This means the Rival 310 can track at super competitive levels with an ultra-low latency, which are both must-have features for CS:GO players.

Mousepad: SteelSeries QCK+ Limited CS:GO Howl Edition Gaming Mousepad

A top-of-the-line gaming mouse will glide on any surface. This doesn’t mean that you should just use it on your naked desk, though. Mousepads are vital when it comes to providing a smoother glide and preserving the life of a mouse’s feet.

This version of SteelSeries’ QCK+ mousepad also features the same design as the Rival 310. You can consider getting them together if your friend needs both a mouse and mousepad. But if you’re sure that they have a gaming-grade mouse already, a mousepad is a top-notch gift by itself as well.

A portrait of their favorite CS:GO map

Though there are a few different maps in CS:GO, each player has their favorite. It’s even possible to find CS:GO players who play the same map over and over again, potentially causing them to see their favorite in their dreams.

Your giftee can use the portrayed version of their favorite map as a wall piece. You can also get them the portrait of the map they’re worst at, which would eternally remind them to practice more. 

CS:GO chicken figure

Some games have NPCs and CS:GO has its iconic chickens. They’ve been the ultimate placeholders for almost all of the Counter-Strike titles. Though they may look harmless, they can also be one of the most valuable sources of information in the game.

Chickens will let out a painful squawk when they’re hit and leave their bloody feathers behind. If an enemy who’s approaching you makes the mistake of casually knifing a chicken, you’ll know where they’re coming from and can prepare your aim accordingly.

These cute little buggers also make great statues and they even come in crate-shaped cases.  

CS:GO mugs

As fun as gaming may be, it’s hard to deny how limiting it is when it comes to movement. Anyone who only drinks water when they’re thirsty can be on their way to dehydration since a still hobby is unlikely to make your body shout for more water.

A great way to increase your water intake is by making the whole process more fun. A playful CS:GO mug will make sure to catch your friend’s attention and they can use the opportunity to have a new glass of delicious water.

If your giftee is a master of throwing grenades, a Kobe mug will serve them well to remind them of their impossible grenade throws. The Juan Deag mug, which is the CS:GO saying for one-shotting someone with a Deagle, will be perfect for anyone who likes securing kills in a fancy way, while the 1G Molotov mug will be the pick for anyone who can’t be trusted with a Molotov.

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