100 Thieves CS:GO won a round in 16 seconds

The anti-eco strategies have been perfected.

Screengrab via 100 Thieves

The newly-signed 100 Thieves proved that they’ve mastered their anti-eco strategies last night after they won a CS:GO round in breakneck speed.

100T defeated Isurus Gaming in convincing fashion with a 16-5 victory on Inferno. Although 100T dominated the match, they managed to secure round 18 in just under 16 seconds, making it arguably the fastest round of the Pro League this season, according to caster Tres “stunna” Saranthus. 

100T achieved this impressive round victory by throwing grenades toward Middle, knowing the CTs would be on an eco buy. Isurus Gaming had the same strategy, though, which resulted in large casualties for the CTs since unarmoured opponents tend to lose a large chunk of health to nades. 

After eliminating four opponents, the remaining Terrorists pushed up to Banana, eliminating the final player. 

Although this is an impressive round victory, the Terrorist side had a large advantage in terms of weaponry, armor, and strategy. With round 18 secured, 100T won the match 16-5 after stringing together consecutive rounds. 

But this isn’t the fastest round in professional CS:GO. A nine-second round was secured by CR4ZY against NVD_DNB in June. Similarly, the European side won an anti-eco round by using nades and perfect strategy calling. 

With this win for 100T, they’re the frontrunners of Group B. Later today, 100T will face the Brazilian side FURIA to secure a place in the ESL Pro League Season 10 finals from Dec 3. to 5.