You can slide down ladders in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

A hidden feature might prevent another embarrassing death.

Image via Activision

Ladders are a double-edged sword in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. They allow players to reach higher positions and gain an advantage over the enemy, but they also leave them vulnerable while climbing.

Players often find other ways to avoid using a ladder and being an easy kill for the enemy team. But a new discovery may make using ladders less stressful. A player recently discovered that it’s possible to slide down ladders by crouching instead of slowly descending.

A Reddit user uploaded a clip showing themself sliding down a ladder on Rust. Rust has one of the longest ladders in Modern Warfare and climbing to the top is always risky. Players will now be able to slide down quickly if they’re in danger and they won’t just be a sitting target.

The sliding mechanic isn’t a new feature in Modern Warfare but it wasn’t necessarily common knowledge to most players. Other fans confirmed they had no idea sliding down ladders was possible in the comments on the post. Others claim to have known about the feature since the game launched. Some fans said they wish they had known about the ability to slide a lot sooner and could’ve avoided countless accidental deaths.

The fact that the Modern Warfare player base now knows they can slide down ladders won’t cause a major change in the game, but it’s a useful mechanic to be aware of.