When does Modern Warfare 2 DMZ come out? | MW2 DMZ release date details

How long players will have to wait before the newest CoD mode is ready.

Image via Activision

With every new Call of Duty title, fans look forward to the new maps and game modes that will set it apart from other titles in the series. The same is true of Modern Warfare 2, and the new multiplayer modes that come with it.

One of the game’s most-anticipated updates is for the Warzone 2.0 revamp that will hopefully bring CoD’s battle royale mode back to the prestigious place it once held. But along with that new battle royale overhaul comes a new large-map mode with it: DMZ.

Taking after games like Escape from Tarkov, DMZ will be an extraction mode played over the entirety of Warzone 2.0’s Al Mazrah map. Developers have described the mode as an opportunity for players to define their own win conditions, as they attempt to infiltrate various compounds and strongholds and gain rewards by completing missions or world activities before picking their own moment to call for their extraction from the map. 

Standing in their way will be both AI enemies that patrol certain areas and opposing players looking to get into a PvP battle. It’s a fundamentally different type of mode than has ever existed in Warzone before, and it will surely pique player curiosity as they look to try out CoD’s take on the extraction shooter genre.

That said, Modern Warfare 2 is already here, but DMZ is not. So when can players expect to be able to try out one of the biggest new game mode twists CoD has come up with in years?

Modern Warfare 2 DMZ release date

Since DMZ is a game mode option in Warzone 2.0 and not in the base game of Modern Warfare 2, it makes sense that it isn’t out quite yet. Call of Duty previously announced that while the full game release occurred on Oct. 28, the first few weeks of the game would be considered it’s “preseason” period.

When season one launches on Nov. 16, players can expect to be able to try out the new Warzone 2.0 in full, including the DMZ mode. 

Until that time, players can complete challenges and play through multiplayer matches in order to level up and unlock more weapon and loadout customization options for themselves before the new battle royale modes are up and running.