What is blindfire in Call of Duty Vanguard?

“It’s kind of the hipfire of mount."

Image via Activision

Activision is adding “blindfire” to Call of Duty for the first time with the release of Vanguard this fall, introducing a safer way for players to fight around corners and crates.

Blindfire is an option for shooting in situations when you want to take cover around a corner or behind an object.

While blindfiring, you will be more protected than you would while doing a normal mounted shot, but your vision will be inhibited.

But you are still able to see enough that you can decide when you’d like to swap from your spray-and-pray tactics to a normal mounted positioning.

In a video released by Call of Duty today, developers for the game referred to it as the “hipfire of mount,” and explained some of the details of the new feature.