Warzone player lures enemy team into a trap by calling in an airstrike

Look down before jumping.

Image via Activision

Rooftop campers in Call of Duty: Warzone are usually challenging to counter.

Some players push into the building to challenge them while others try to pick them off from afar. Other players call in airstrikes on their position to flush them out or send them to the Gulag. One player, however, used an airstrike to lure them into the perfect trap last night. 

A Warzone player encountered a full squad shooting at another team in the distance. The player decided to push into the building to try to eliminate the group while they were distracted. They reached the stairway to the roof and realized they had a Precision Airstrike in their inventory. 

The player called in an airstrike that’d land directly on the team above. They knew the team would retreat into the building to avoid taking damage, so they waited for them at the base of the ladder. 

All three enemies dropped down into an ambush and were quickly eliminated. They didn’t expect a player to be waiting for them inside since they were distracted by the airstrike above. The player wiped a full team without taking any damage with a solid strategy to counter rooftop campers. 

Other players pointed out that the enemy team could’ve jumped off the sides of the building instead, but they would’ve risked taking damage from other enemies in the area. Most players will rush indoors when an airstrike is called on their location, so keep that in mind the next time you encounter a camping team.