Warzone fans positive RICOCHET anti-cheat isn’t working as hacking’s on the rise

It'a a hackdemic, according to Warzone players.

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Warzone‘s RICOCHET anti-cheat system is supposed to help limit the number of cheaters you encounter in the game, but players are reporting a serious uptick in the number of hackers in their game.

From making cheaters hallucinate to major server-side detection systems, Activision’s RICOCHET anti-cheat is designed to combat the endless flood of aimbots and wallhacks that can make your experience in the battle royale miserable.

Since its introduction in 2021, the game has seen a vast decline in the number of obvious hackers ruining matches. Unfortunately, fans are concerned that RICOCHET may not be working as well as it once did, reporting that the number of cheaters they are encountering is on the rise.

In a Warzone subreddit post on Aug. 11, one player asked if anyone else had noticed an uptick in hackers over the past few days, claiming they had played three matches back-to-back where they died to someone either using wallhacks or an aimbot.

“Last week I met more cheaters than I did at the start of the game,” one frustrated player wrote. “In the killcam you actually can see how their aim jumps straight from one target to another in nanoseconds.”

“Vondel the other night was absurd,” another player chimed in. “Multiple, very obvious, cheaters.”

As for what’s causing the rise, some believe a recent ban wave caused multiple cheaters to lose their accounts, and now they are just blatantly cheating in response.

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Whatever the cause, Warzone players are desperate for Activision to tighten things up and get the hackers out of the game as quickly as possible.

Hopefully, we’ll see this recent uptick take a nosedive before Warzone season five reloaded, which is expected to drop on Aug. 30.


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