Video illustrates how Call of Duty: Modern Warfare iron sights differ with different attachments

This is some cool attention to detail.

Image via Activision

Did you know that the iron sights of assault rifles in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone change depending on some of the attachments on the gun?

If you’ve messed around with different weapon loadouts for assault rifles, you might have noticed that the gun looks a bit different when you aim down sights without a scope. That’s a small part of the game’s attention to detail.

The video above shows just how different iron sights will be depending on the attachments you put on the gun.

Iron sights will be different on certain blueprints, like the XRK M4A1, but the sight will also be bigger or smaller depending on the size of the gun’s different barrels. For example, the longer the barrel, the further away the iron sight would be, so it’ll be smaller. If it’s a shorter barrel, the sight will be bigger.

This video is especially handy considering there’s no practice range in Modern Warfare, so you need to manually change the attachments each time to see what they look like.

Some iron sights are definitely superior to others, but each barrel and attachment offers different trade-offs. It’s important to experiment with all of them to see which fits each player’s playstyle.