Vanguard players are fed up with Sledgehammer ignoring the game’s broken bugs, glitches

Call of Duty: Vanguard has a bug problem.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Vanguard was released last November and has thousands of concurrent players fighting in different World War II settings. The game recently launched its second season, but players may not stick around for long if the bugs aren’t resolved. 

Players have been using social media to show how the different bugs affect their gameplay. From lag to map rotation issues, Vanguard players are seemingly leaving the game because they can’t enjoy it to the full extent.

One user on Reddit discussed how a map rotation issue only allowed players to play about a fourth of all the maps in the game. Players in the comments agree and said it’s the reason they won’t launch the game. Instead, this Reddit user decides to play some of the older games in the franchise, like 2019’s Modern Warfare.

Another glitch that Dexerto pointed out is a bug that allows players to see others through walls. By using the Glide Bomb streak, players could see users through walls continuously throughout the match. If this were to happen during any significant Vanguard event, it would negatively affect the reputation of Sledgehammer. 

Other players mentioned bugs that have to do with annoying clicking noises, framerate drops, and a lack of performance. Vanguard’s most recent update brought some bug fixes, but more will need to be done to bring back and engage the player base.