Upset Alert: OpTic Gaming Eliminated By FaZe Red

There have been many upsets in World Championships, but nothing can suffice to what outcome occurred today.

There have been many upsets throughout the past Call of Duty World Championships, but nothing can suffice to what occurred today. This evening, FaZe Red eliminated their rivals, OpTic Gaming, in round three of the Championship Loser’s Bracket.

As difficult as this may come to digest for OpTic Gaming supporters, FaZe Red swept their opponents 3-0 in a dominating fashion. With OpTic Gaming being one of the most talented and supported Call of Duty eSports’ teams in the world, this came as a huge upset to many who expected them to take home the Championship.

Match Recap

Going into the match, both teams were nervous knowing that one of them would be going home after this best-of-five series.

The first map was Bio Lab – Hardpoint. OpTic Gaming held a decent advantage over FaZe Red, being up 112-89 at the half. Within the second-to-last hill of the match, FaZe Red’s captain, Patrick “ ACHES” Price, pulled off an unbelievable kill streak of six kills against OpTic Gaming. Not only did this allow FaZe Red to make a slight comeback leading up to the final hill, but it allowed them to obtain better map control while rotating. FaZe Red quickly secured the final hill and denied OpTic Gaming of any access, winning the first map 221-208.

The second matchup was Detroit – Search and Destroy. SnD is OpTic Gaming’s worse competitive game mode. Knowing that, FaZe Red was looking to capitalize on OpTic’s weakness with their newly gained momentum. FaZe Red outslayed their opponents for the majority of the match, going up 4-0 before OpTic Gaming could reply. OpTic was looking to make a comeback, but it was quickly shut down as FaZe Red won 6-3.

The third and final map was Comeback – Uplink. This is arguably OpTic’s best map and gamemode. But if you saw the looks on their faces, you could tell the end was near. FaZe Red’s momentum allowed them to capture 10 points within 3:11. This was a huge blow to OpTic Gaming, and it seemed almost impossible to make a comeback. FaZe Red ended up finishing the match in a dominant fashion 12-4, winning the series 3-0.


What Went Wrong?

In the Hardpoint game, Aches’ streak allowed FaZe Red to regain the advantage heading into the final hill. The team as a whole were able to fend off their opponents in the last hill to win that map. FaZe Red played strong till the end.

FaZe proved within the second match that they were the more talented team in SnD. The gamemode appears twice if a fifth round is forced, making SnD the most important gamemode. As many professional players acclaim, “SnD wins championships.” OpTic Gaming’s weakest gamemode, was the most the important one.

By the final map, OpTic Gaming was on the edge of complete demoralization. They had lost any sort of momentum they still had, and it didn’t help when FaZe Red went up 10-0 in only a matter of minutes. By this time, OpTic knew that it was an impossible task, and they ended up losing.


Even though they were eliminated, OpTic had to play Team Kaliber in a consolation match that determined who would be walking home with $35,000 instead of $25,000. The series went down to the wire as both mentally exhausted teams forced a Game 5. OpTic did end up winning, and they finished 7th overall.

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