UMG Philadelphia: Road to Victory – CompLexity

CompLexity have proven their doubters wrong with a fantastic victory at UMG Philadelphia. They started the weekend in the Championship Bracket and fought their way to yet another title, and a healthy $10,000.

CompLexity have proven their doubters wrong with a fantastic victory at UMG Philadelphia. They started the weekend in the Championship Bracket and fought their way to yet another title, and a healthy $10,000.

When Damon “Karma” Barlow was brought in as James “Clayster” Eubanks’ replacement in December, it caused the community and fans alike to question whether Complexity’s huge winning streak would be able to continue.

This weekend they got their answer as CompLexity never even made a trip to the Losers’ Bracket.

Here’s how CompLexity won UMG Philadelphia.

#Round 1 – vs KG.Adversity

CompLexity began their domination of Philadelphia when they battled it out against loser bracket winners KG Adversity in the first round of the Championship Bracket. While KG.Adversity put up a valiant effort against the reigning champions, it just wasn’t enough.

CompLexity started strong in the first map, Domination on Freight. They earned themselves a double-cap early in the game, Aches went on an impressive 13 streak while supporting his teammates from across the map before he was shut down.

CompLexity dominated the first half, leading by an impressive 30 points at one stage. While KG.Adversity tried to rush flags during the second half and did close the point margin, it failed when Complexity’s point deficit from the first round was added.CompLexity won, 166-147 overall.

So began the reign of CompLexity I hear you say? Not quite. Cockiness or confidence got the better of them in the second game, as they failed to secure a win on Search and Destroy Warhawk. They lost 6-3 with Adversity’s ‘Sender’ putting up an impressive 13-3 score on the board. This would prove to be the only map that CompLexity would drop to Adversity.

CompLexity showed more composure and focus on Octane Blitz, with both teams frantically running for caps and ignoring defence. It was 6-5 to Adversity in the first 3 minutes of the game. Practically unheard of in the usually defensive Blitz mode.

Karma got himself a key kill towards the end of the match that allowed CompLexity to score back to back much needed caps, eventually winning the map 14-9.

Now fired up and keen to finish the match, CompLexity stormed to victory on Strikezone Domination. They had complete control of the map and had Adversity spawn trapped in the B flap within minutes. They went on to prevent Adversity from making any smart moves.

The second half ended with every member of Complexity positive, while Adversity struggled going all negative. The game finished 167-139 in CompLexity’s favor, putting them through 3-1 and moving Adversity down to the Championship Losers Bracket.

#Round 2 – vs. FaZe

Fans were treated to a spectacle that will surely go down in UMG history as Complexity faced off against FaZe Competitive. Fresh from their shock victory over OpTic Gaming on Day 1, FaZe seemed confident and determined. So however, was CompLexity.

The action began on Octane for some Domination. FaZe seemed to have fire in their belly as they swiftly took the first half 94-59. With such a dominant first half under their belts, FaZe began to slow, showing sloppy defending.

The second half proved to be CompLexity’s, as they applied the pressure and accumulated a lead in the first couple of minutes. Despite Complexity’s valiant comeback, they lost by 1 point. The final score was 169-170. It was 1-0 to FaZe.

FaZe began by taking 2 straight rounds on Freight SnD, leaving Complexity dazzled. They secured a 4th round when Replays won a 1v1 encounter with Aches to take a 4-0 lead. FaZe continued to punish Complexity taking the 5th round soon after. CompLexity finally took their first round, making it 5-1. However, it wasn’t enough as Replays closed it out for a 6-1 win for FaZe, with relatively minimal effort. Faze were now 2-0 in games.

Warhawk Blitz was the next stop in the series. After several caps on both sides, the score was left even after the second half. This would mean overtime to decide Complexity’s fate.

Fans were left on the edge of their seats as Crimsix & Aches earned 2 quick caps. FaZe responded with two caps of their own from Classic & Replays. TeePee sealed the deal for Complexity when got the final capture and bought the game count to 2-1.

Complexity took an early lead on Sovereign Domination. Crimsix proved why he’s called ‘Crimbot’ with 9 kills in the first two minutes. FaZe took the lead in the last minute of the first half, winning 90-76.

Aches and Karma each had 10+ kills to secure the second half for their team 87-61. This brought the total to 163-152 in Complexity’s favour. The series was now even at 2-2.

Octane Search & Destroy would be our final stop. Faze had a good start was up by 2 rounds, 3-1 at the midpoint. Classic got an impressive 3 piece but Crimsix clutched the round for Complexity.

They went on to win the series 4-3, with Crimsix putting up an amazing 11-4 score. Complexity advanced, winning 3-2 after their amazing comeback from being 2-0 down.

#Round 3 – vs. Strictly Business

Strictly Business were Complexity’s next target, and having previously beaten Team EnVyUs and JuKed, they proved they weren’t to be taken lightly. Complexity however, made quick work of the opposition.

Strikezone Domination would prove to be Strictly Business’s only successful map against the reigning champions. Despite Karma playing well, getting 5 caps for his team, they lost the first half 82-70.

CompLexity seemed to be struggling for the first time. They made a late double cap at the end but it proved too late to catch up. Strictly Business got a convincing win, 166-139 overall. The series was 1-0 to SB.

Complexity made short work of Strictly Business on Sovereign SnD, beating them 6-2. Aches started off well, going 5-0 after 3 rounds. Strictly Business looked weak against Complexity who seemed to find their feet in the match. The series ties up at 1-1.

Blitz on Freight was our third stop. After exchanging caps throughout the first half, it was eventually Strictly Business who secured it, winning 9-7. Complexity however, were on fire during the second half.

They won 8 caps in a row from the clearly struggling SB. Aches finished on an impressive 30-19 with 8 caps, while Crimsix finished 20-17 with 4 caps. Strictly Business were completely overwhelmed as Complexity scored a colossal 14 caps in the 2nd half. They won, 21-10. Complexity now take the series lead, 2-1.

Octane Domination was the final stop as Complexity rounded off a well played series. Karma has an impressive game as Complexity get an early 2 cap lead. Strictly Business try in vain to win back the B flag but they can’t manage it.

Complexity end up winning the game after some cheeky spawn killing at the end. They won the series 3-1 and advanced to the Semi-Finals to play the mighty Curse.LV.

#Semi Finals – vs Curse.LV

There was much excitement as Complexity faced off against fellow giants Curse.LV in the Winners’ Bracket Semi-Finals. Karma was now playing against his old teammates from Impact, which is something the fans always love to see.

While Curse played excellently, they were outskilled by Complexity who were like an unstoppable steam-train at this point.

Domination on Freight was our first stop. After a relatively evenly paced game, Complexity took the first half 77-60, with stand out plays from Aches and Parasite. Karma goes well for Complexity, finishing up on 10-5. In the second half, Parasite dominated the game getting a huge 3 piece. The timer ran out with Curse taking the win despite CompLexity’s +17 point deficit from round 1. Curse lead the series 1-0 at this point.

We then moved on to Octane Search and Destroy, While Curse started well, taking the first 2 rounds, Complexity fought back. Karma has yet another good game, going 5-2 after 4 rounds. Nameless goes on a huge 6 streak before he’s finally taken down. The game was tense as Curse won another round, but Complexity once again proved that their SnD was on point as Aches go the final kill on MiRx in the final round to secure the 6-3 win. The series tied up at 1-1.

We stopped off on Warhawk for Blitz next. Complexity got an early cap from TeePee in the first 30 seconds. Karma & Parasite both start well for Curse, going 3-1. TeePee got himself a 2 piece soon after.The first half ends 6-1 in Complexity’s favor, with Killa being the only Curse member to get a cap. Karma started off the second half with a quick 2 piece.

Curse were seemingly struggling. Karma was 16-10 by this point. Curse fought back though, as MiRx got a 2 piece and a cap. Parasite, Nameless and Killa all earn caps to bring the Curse comeback into realization but despite this, they can’t catch up. Complexity win 8-5. Complexity take the series lead, 2-1.

The infamous Sovereign was our final stop for some Domination. Curse started well, with MiRx getting an early 2 piece. Nameless was 3-0 in the first minute. Curse got an early cap on B. MiRx was going 9-3 and having one of his best games of the series. Unfortunately, due to technical issues with the stream, we missed the rest of the first half. Complexity took the win though.

In the second half, Complexity start with a +17 deficit from the first round. TeePee impressed with a sneaky flag cap and a kill. Killa lead Curse in the scoreboards, going 11-7 with 5 caps. Though, despite Curse’s valiant efforts, it was CompLexity who won the second half and the game to advance to the finals against the mighty Team Kaliber.

#Grand Finals – vs. Team Kaliber

It’s the match that many Call of Duty fans hoped would happen over the course of the weekend. They got their wish as Complexity faced off against Loser Bracket winners, Team Kaliber. This would prove to be former Complexity player Claysters first tournament going up against his former team mates.

We started the finals on Strikezone Domination. Team Kaliber started well with Sharp going 9-4 in the early stages of the game. Complexity were pinned in B, as tK cap A and C. Karma and TeePee had 2 caps between them in the early stages. Complexity managed to flip the flags midway through the half, capping A and C, trapping tK into B. Complexity caught up from tK’s sizeable lead in the first half. The first half ended with Team Kaliber winning, 80-69.

The second half started with Team Kaliber as the stronger team. TeePee started off going 4-4 with a cap. Team Kaliber got the 2 cap on A and B, and the score began to run away with them. TeePee spent the second half carrying his team, getting a quick 2 piece. It wasn’t enough though, as Team Kaliber ran away with the match. They went 1-0 in the series.

The second map in the championship final took place on Sovereign Search and Destroy. Complexity took the early win in the first round. TeePee starts strong, going 2-1 in round 2. Clayster was left as last man standing against his old teammates, but Crimsix made short work of him in round 2. Complexity won an easy first 2 rounds.

Clayster got his revenge in round 3 though, slaying Crimsix with a shotgun for the final kill to bring the game 2-1 to Complexity. Crimsix and TeePee topped the board for Complexity in round 4, securing another win for their team. Complexity picked up round 5 with a final kill from TeePee who had an impressive 7-3 score.

Karma demonstrated his incredible ability in round 6 with a sniping 2 piece to bring his score to 6-1. Karma wasn’t done yet, as got himself another sniping kill bringing his score to 7-1 as Complexity rounded off the Search and Destroy in round 7, winning 6-1. The series equalized at 1-1.

Complexity started well on Freight Blitz, getting 4 caps in the first 2 minutes. Aches had an excellent start going 7-3. Each member of Complexity got themselves a cap. Complexity demonstrated why this is their favourite Blitz map, showing total control in the first half of the match. Complexity gained a 5 cap lead in the first half, with Aches and Karma putting impressive numbers on the scoreboard. The first round went in Complexity’s favour, going 9-4 with Aches finished on 18-10 and 4 caps.

Complexity continued their dominance in the second half, as Team Kaliber were getting outplayed at every opportunity.

Aches got himself a remarkable 3-piece and a cap in the final minute of the game, bringing his overall score to 34-22 with 5 caps. Karma finished with an equally impressive 26-19 with 4 caps. Complexity got the easy win over a demoralized and struggling Team Kaliber to bring the series 2-1 to them.

Domination on Octane came next, as Complexity took an early lead getting the double cap on B and C. Karma started well, putting up a 13-7 score with 2 caps. Team Kaliber didn’t take long to dispute B though, and the scores stayed relatively even throughout the first half.

The game remained even throughout, with either side being able to get the win. It was Complexity who took the first round with a close win, 78-76.

The second half began with Complexity taking an early lead and the 2 cap. Aches started the second half with an impressive 9-1 score.

Complexity showed that they were a team determined to win as they racked up the points, taking an impressive 40+ point lead. Aches carried his team, as Complexity ran away with the game and the tournament scoring a phenomenal 105-41.

With Complexity winning yet another title, they can only hope that this impressive display silences their critics.

Having won eight out of the last nine tournaments they’ve played in, Complexity now are most definitely in the discussion as one of the greatest Call of Duty teams of all time.

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