Treyarch teases return of Mule Kick Perk-a-Cola in Mauer der Toten Zombies map

It's been a long, long time.

Image via Activision

A long-awaited, fan-favorite Perk-a-Cola looks like it could be returning in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s new Zombies map, Mauer der Toten.

Treyarch posted a not-so-subtle picture on Twitter today, telling fans to “crack open a cold one” for the holiday weekend. The image features none other than Mule Kick, the Perk-a-Cola from Call of Duty: Black Ops all the way back in 2010.

Mule Kick was first added as part of Black Ops 1’s Moon DLC map. It allows players to carry three weapons at once, obviously making it a strong Perk-a-Cola and immediately a must-have if and when it’s added to Black Ops Cold War.

If it does join the game, it’s likely to come in season four’s midseason update, which will add more content to the base game and Warzone, including Mauer der Toten. The new map is a classic, round-based experience, unlike the open-world Outbreak mode.

Black Ops Cold War’s first additional Zombies map, Firebase Z, added Tombstone Soda to the rotation of Perk-a-Colas in the game, so another new one was expected with Mauer der Toten, too. Fans everywhere will be thrilled to know that it’s most likely going to be Mule Kick.

Mauer der Toten is expected to launch sometime around the middle of July as part of the midseason update for season four.