Treyarch teases an apocalyptic Call of Duty: Warzone event on April 21

It looks like something will happen next week.

Image via Activision

A new cryptic announcement hints at an apocalyptic Call of Duty: Warzone event happening on April 21.

Warzone players have been experiencing an increasing zombie presence in Verdansk over the last few weeks. A recent glitch also showed several nukes launching into the sky, which further establishes that a significant change is coming to the map soon. The nukes didn’t detonate when they hit the ground, but they’ll likely be more explosive when the upcoming event occurs. 

The speculation is that Verdansk will be destroyed to contain the zombie presence and Warzone will move to a new area. Leaked audio files were also found and it looks like players have finally received a concrete date on the change. 

A new announcement shows a computer screen with a skull and the date. The caption also says that “the end is near,” which all but confirms that Verdansk is going to drastically change. 

The next Warzone map has not been confirmed, but two possible destinations are the Ural Mountains and a retro version of Verdansk. A short video clip recently leaked showing several points of interest during the 1980s, which would line up with the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War setting. 

Details on the new potential map have not been officially confirmed, but changes are on the horizon. Fans can expect the next major Warzone event to take place on April 21 at 2pm CT.