Call of Duty: Warzone games are glitching and launching dud nukes

An accidental peek at what's to come?

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone fans have been anticipating big happenings in Verdansk for weeks—and a new glitch might have spoiled the surprise of what’s next.

With zombies on the move all over the island, it’s looking more and more likely that drastic measures will be taken, forcing Warzone into a new map for players to enjoy. And thanks to the glitch, it looks like it will indeed involve Verdansk being bombed.

Some players’ games have been spoiling the show, which entails multiple missiles being launched and seemingly destroying Verdansk to contain the zombie crisis, as seen in the tweet above. A poster on Reddit had a similar glitch happen.

The missiles are large and aplenty, but the glitch has a funny ending. When the missiles make contact with the ground, they simply disappear in an anticlimactic way.

The in-game event that Warzone is leading up to will likely be way more explosive than this, possibly taking Verdansk out of rotation and making room for a new map in the game. A destination in the Ural Mountains has been rumored for some time.

Stay tuned, Warzone fans. It won’t be long now before the next big event happens. Season two is scheduled to end in just a couple of weeks.