Treyarch, Raven Software confirmed to be developing Call of Duty 2020

It's not a surprise, but it's good news.

Image via Activision

After months of rumors, speculation, and leaks, Treyarch has finally confirmed that it’s the team behind this year’s upcoming Call of Duty title—and that it’s been working alongside Raven Software, too.

Treyarch has been manning the Black Ops sub-franchise of CoD since 2010. The Activision-owned Raven has supplemented development on multiple CoD titles throughout the years, including 2019’s Modern Warfare and Warzone in 2020.

The news of Treyarch’s involvement in Call of Duty 2020 should come as no surprise to many, but this is the first time it’s been officially confirmed.

For months, rumors and leaks have surfaced about this year’s Call of Duty, most of them pointing to a reboot of the Black Ops franchise, with the game supposedly being titled Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War.

This is, by far, the latest in a calendar year that Activision has gone without revealing a new Call of Duty title. With just months left until the holiday season, the reveal is on the horizon.

The 2020 Call of Duty title is still scheduled to release this holiday season.