Treyarch previews Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s season one battle pass

Get ready to grind.

Image via Activision

Treyarch has revealed new details about the season one battle pass in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Fans will have new operators, weapons, and other content to unlock throughout the 100 tiers in the new battle pass coming later this week. 

Each season of Black Ops Cold War will feature a battle pass that allows players to earn free items, including two new weapons, weapon blueprints, and up to 1,300 CoD points. Players who purchase the premium battle pass will unlock more items and have access to all 100 tiers. Some tiers will feature two rewards: one for Cold War and one for Warzone.

The reveal video gave fans another look at Stich, a new legendary operator who’s a “former soviet chemical weapon specialist turned international fugitive.” Stich is instantly unlocked with the purchase of the season one battle pass alongside the “Release Agent” Operator Mission, which features multiplayer objectives that reward two Stitch skins when competed. Players can also unlock a calling card, emblem, and XP by completing the mission. The Silver Flash Watch is instantly unlocked by purchasing the pass and can be used in Cold War and Warzone

Zombies players will also unlock additional rewards by completing the “Containment Zone” Operator Mission included in the battle pass. Completing these mission objectives unlocks the “Siberian Ghost” and “Toxic Terror” skins. The mission will also reward players with another calling card, emblem, and XP. Players can expect another Operator Mission at tier 20 for Zombies and multiplayer.

Purchasing the battle pass immediately grants Adler’s “Traveler” skin and the “Urban Infiltration” Operator Mission, too. Completing these objectives unlock the “Summit” and “Globetrotter” skins for Adler, alongside a unique calling card and emblem. The “Base Jumper” Adler skin can also be unlocked for free at tier 90. 

Cold War players looking to rank up quickly should consider buying the pass since it grants a 10-percent XP bonus the entire season. It’s also possible to earn 1,300 CoD points by completing all 100 tiers of the season one battle pass. 

Players can also earn two new weapons, the Mac 10 SMG and Groza assault rifle. The Mac 10 has a high rate of fire that can deliver significant damage at close range, while the Groza is another assault rifle perfect for eliminating enemies from a distance. 

The season one battle pass will include 20 weapon blueprints for multiple guns, such as the Constable and Warden’s Word blueprints. Over half of the weapon blueprints are considered legendary, which means they come with five attachments. New operator and vehicle skins will be available in all modes, including Warzone. Other customization options like stickers, charms, and weapon camos will also be available in the battle pass. 

Completing the season one battle pass unlocks several legendary items. Players can unlock the “Prisoner” Stitch Skin and Operator Mission, which rewards the “New Warden” and “Stripes” skins upon completion alongside an epic emblem and legendary animated calling card. The “Natural Order” Assault Rifle blueprint, “Assault” vehicle skins, and a season one emblem will also be rewarded to players who complete all 100 tiers of the battle pass. 

Treyarch previously confirmed several new maps will be introduced throughout season one, including a new Warzone map called Rebirth Island. The popular two-vs-two Gunfight mode is also coming to Cold War in season one and will feature four new maps for players to enjoy. 

The season one battle pass costs 1,000 CP, which grants access to all 100 tiers. Players can also purchase the battle pass bundle for 2,400 CP, which includes the battle pass and 20 instant tier skips.

For now, Cold War players can enjoy in-game double XP while they wait for the new season and content. The season one free content update will be released on Dec. 16.