Treyarch officially confirms ranked play is coming to Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Prepare to sweat.

Image via Activision

After all of the Prestige mode sweating and weapon camo unlocking, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War players are looking for a “meaningful” grind again—and it’s on the way in the form of ranked play.

CoD players have been looking forward to a ranked play mode since Black Ops Cold War was released. And now, the game’s developers at Treyarch have finally confirmed its existence.

Replying to a Reddit post asking if ranked play is still coming, Treyarch community manager Josh Torres confirmed that it’s still in the works—but there’s no set release date just yet.

“Yes,” Torres said. “Ranked Play will be a thing. I currently don’t have a timetable to share with you, however.”

And that’s all that Torres had to share at the moment. It’s very little information to go off of, but players can hold out hope that a ranked mode will be available in Black Ops Cold War at some point.

Last year’s CoD title, Modern Warfare, never added a ranked playlist of any kind, so the most competitive players in the community have been longing for a ranked ladder for well over a year now. In 2019, Treyarch added ranked play to Black Ops 4 in February, so a similar timetable for this year is possible.

The community has been aching for a ranked mode like Black Ops 2’s League Play or CoD: WWII’s Ranked Play. Thankfully, we now know that some form of a ranked ladder is coming, but it’s anyone’s guess as to when it will actually come to fruition.