TimTheTatman shares hilarious fan-made Call of Duty: Warzone operator skin bundle concept

This needs to be brought to life immediately.

Screengrab via TimTheTatman on YouTube

Gaming content creators have become such an integral part of the industry that some of them have even had their likenesses added to games, such as Fortnite and others.

In the content creation game, there aren’t many bigger names or personalities than TimTheTatman. And today, Tim shared an incredible concept for an operator skin bundle that should become a reality in Call of Duty: Warzone one day.

The fan-made video shows Tim as a Call of Duty operator, complete with a kevlar vest and pink short shorts, twerking to the beat. The bundle also includes a shotgun blueprint, featuring a Kevin the penguin weapon charm and waffle ammo rounds.

Hilariously, the video continues to show a finishing move in the bundle called “Spectating,” as Tim often does on his stream. In the finisher, Tim sits down and cracks open a beverage while Kevin teabags his opponent.

To top off the incredible creation, Tim’s operator then trips backward and falls to his death, complete with a kill feed notification a la Warzone itself. It’s a remarkable video full of funny Easter eggs for Tim fans everywhere.

The video, originally made and uploaded to YouTube by a fan of Tim’s named Kevin Vincent, was donated to Tim yesterday as he streamed. He showed the video live and it was an immediate hit. Tim’s tweet was also a big hit right away, garnering over a thousand retweets in its first hour.

Call of Duty content creator cosmetic bundles have not yet made it to Warzone, but there have been some in Call of Duty: Mobile featuring players like iFerg, BobbyPlays, and Hawksnest, so it’s possible that the battle royale title could get some soon as well.